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Jen Luby (email)

Jen created YKYLF one day when she realized that while many Gossip Girl fashion sites existed, none cataloged the styles with as much wit as she desired. Perhaps this reveals a deep character flaw, but Jen would rather pick on Blair’s headbands than tell people where to buy them.

Jen is also the editor-in-chief Second City Soiree, and is a contributing writer for several lifestyle magazines and web sites. She lives in Wicker Park, Chicago with her husband, daughter, and two dachshunds.  You can follow her on Twitter @JenLuby.
Ann FosterEditor, Staff Writer
Ann Foster has been critiquing TV characters’ fashion choices since she was a 6-year-old choosing outfits inspired by Jem & the Holograms, Small Wonder, and the original Degrassi. By day, she stamps things and shushes people at the library. By night (after she finishes her YKYLF recaps) she can be found on Twitter and Instagram @annhepburn or masterminding the Actual Teen Adult Teen family of tumblrs.
Kate O’LearyEditor, Staff Writer
Recently graduated from college with a degree in Marketing, Kate did the only thing recent marketing grads do: get a job in (wait for it) marketing!!. An anomaly in these times to get a “real” job right after graduating AND in one’s chosen degree field, Kate is thankful for the big girl income so she can spend her free time shopping, writing about TV fashions, and doing some more shopping. When not poring over fashion mags, reading historical novels (preferably ones about the Plantagenet Kings and Queens), or figuring out how she can become a PGA Tour wife, you can find Kate sharing her fashion thoughts and trying to be funny on Twitter @KatieElisabeth.
Lesley-Anne SteelworthyEditor, Staff Writer
L-A’s love of campy things and Barbra Streisand got her hooked on Glee from day one, but she almost gave up on Gossip Girl after Chuck’s behaviour in the first episode. She’s really glad she stuck around. If she hadn’t, she would never have known that she shares a birthday and a love of purple with Chuck Bass. When she’s not watching/writing about television, L-A is busy becoming a PR professional and writing for her own blog, Fashionable People, Questionable Things with her friend Ally. Living in the chilly, windy city of Halifax means that headbands and coloured tights are actually practical fashion choices for L-A. You can follow her on twitter @hellopineapples and @FPQT.
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Steph AuShopping Editor, Staff Writer
Steph’s love of fashion began when a no-uniform day was announced in the second grade. Free from the confines of her green-and-gold uniform, she scoured her mother’s Vogue for ideas. Unable to decide, she ultimately showed up to class in pants and a skirt. It can be said that her common sense has improved, and her enthusiasm for fashion has flourished.

Steph is a student who considers herself a study in contradictions. A ballerina who plays rugby, pairs her grandmother’s ruffled blouse with Moschino, reads voraciously, and spends her Monday nights watching Gossip Girl and obsessing over Blair’s shoes.

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Amanda SmithStaff Writer
Amanda loves Gossip Girl like Chuck loves loud scarves. She jumped at the opportunity to write for YKYLF because blogging about the clothes is much healthier than making snide comments out loud while watching the show alone. Her dog just doesn’t get her humor.
Amanda is the creator, writer, and sole reader of You Want Me to Wear What?, another fashion blog with a lengthy name. You can follow her on Twitter @AmandaRTubbs.
Anne FormanStaff Writer
Anne is an artist and fashion history professor who lives in Chicago with her husband and two French bulldogs. Tired of feeling left out when students discussed Jenny’s heinous ensembles, she spent an afternoon watching the entire first season of Gossip Girl online. Huddled in front of her laptop, she was instantly hooked and has never turned back. Preppy to the core, Anne is a lover of all things Blair. When she isn’t daydreaming about being a Waldorf, Anne enjoys entertaining, drinking gin and tonics, writing, and people watching. Anne has a Chicago street fashion blog called El-No Chicago and a stationary design company called Anink Design. You can follow her on Twitter @ElNoChicago.
Anthony CaseyStaff Writer
When it comes to television, there are not many programs Anthony won’t watch. And if he happens to come across a box set or marathon, don’t bother trying to reach him. Should you ask Anthony his thoughts on television shows like “Pretty Little Liars”, “Revenge” or “90210”, he’ll proudly state that yes, he does watch them and no, he doesn’t think “Mad Men” has anything to worry about in the Emmy department. For a personal style hero, he finds inspiration in longtime secret girlfriend Rachel Bilson, but transferring it to menswear has resulted in a lot of hats, a lot of t-shirts and definitely more facial hair than Ms. Bilson.

Anthony is currently kicking it on the west coast in lovely Vancouver BC, working in advertising and generally being a man about town. If you want to see him embarrass himself, check out his website Details Are Always Vulgar or follow him on Twitter @AntonWilde. If you want to be friends, bring an offering of wine or whiskey – he’s easy to please.

Bella HallStaff Writer
While Bella would like to say she’s more English than a cup of tea, she actually despises the beverage, so she’ll settle for being more English than most and leave it at that.

A YouTube misstep led her to Gossip Girl back in the summer of ’09, and since then she’s transformed from a rucksack toting oddity to a Waldorf in training.

She adores stockings, despises leggings and wishes Ed Westwick would sing her Happy Birthday a la Marilyn Monroe. She can usually be found writing, reading, staring fixedly at her favourite shoes or on Twitter as @thevlv. She loves you – really.

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Bethany BouldenStaff Writer
When Bethany first started watching Gossip Girl, she discovered her alter-ego in a “95-pound, doe-eyed, bon-mot tossing, label-whoring package of girly evil.” She and Blair share a fascination with headbands, Louboutins, social destruction and bad boys.

Bethany is an aspiring fiction writer, as well as a dedicated disciple of all things fashion. In her spare time, she manages the payroll department at a small CPA firm. Follow her on Twitter at @bethaboo555 and also @ggwatchalong for live comments on current episodes and also for scheduled non-live watchalongs.

Bianca HerreraStaff Writer
Bianca is currently polishing off her majors in Art History and Classical Studies, meaning she spends most of her days translating Latin and loitering in museums. In her spare time she ‘crafts’ over-priced coffee beverages and watches excessive amounts of televised teenage angst.

Her fashion icons/idols include Blair Waldorf, Spencer Hastings, and Hello Kitty whom taught her leggings are not pants and that animal prints and pink match everything. Bianca currently resides in San Antonio, Texas with the Alamo and her fur-baby, Oliver.

Carla BorderiesStaff Writer
Carla was born in Paris, France, and is currently living in the enormous New York City. She enjoys macarons from Ladurée, looking at designer’s new collections online, and loves flipping through Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire. She is still a sophomore in high school, but she has huge dreams of attending a European college and becoming a journalist in fashion.
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Constance GradyStaff Writer
Constance has spent too much time thinking about the fashion choices of fictional characters since age 4, when she refused to wear any shoes that weren’t red patent leather Mary Janes because those shoes were secretly ruby slippers, just like Dorothy’s. The rest is history.

Constance lives in New York and works in publishing. Check out her ramblings on Twitter at @constancegrady and tumblr at

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Esther ChungStaff Writer
Growing up in Vancouver BC, most of Esther’s life lessons came from Degrassi, which has taught her everything from teenage pregnancy to hoarding. She currently works in Los Angeles in movie advertising and spends her days online shopping and making television references to her male co-workers who don’t know what she’s talking about (i.e. signing XOXO Gossip Girl or A on emails). She believes she was Peggy Olsen in another lifetime.

When she’s not dreaming of Sweet Valley as a real city, she can be found buying and returning clothes at the mall.

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Kristina AltoStaff Writer
This is Kristina’s first foray into the blogosphere and she’s excited to dive right in. Her love affair with fashion began when, at the tender age of 6, she preferred to go to a shoe store instead of a toy store. To this day, she’s convinced she has red Louboutin soles running in her veins instead of blood.

Based in Chicago, Kristina spends her days in the corporate world of brown loafers and gray skirt suits, and so is thrilled to have found a creative outlet in YKYLF. When she’s not shopping, or wishing she were shopping, Kristina loves reading, bacon, and all things British. You can also follow her on Twitter @mkalto.

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Lauren HarariStaff Writer
Lauren’s minor girl-crush on Blake Lively may be what initially drew her to Gossip Girl, but she stayed for the long haul to live vicariously through those Upper East Siders. A not-so-self-proclaimed hippie/geek, she loves all things 60’s (especially the Beatles), Star Wars, and can recite any Friends episode you’d like. Lauren is a Maine girl who uprooted herself to London to study, but stayed to be with her British/American hubby. She is an interior designer by trade with a desire to have her own HGTV show, but currently spends all of her days chasing around an adorable little terror… her son, Ellis. You can follow Lauren on her blog Punkster Poodle, but you should turn back if you don’t like baby pictures.
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Lauren ViscomiStaff Writer
Lauren’s love for all things Blair, fashion, and devious antics developed after she began reading the Gossip Girl series in High School. Since then she has graduated from Villanova University, and is currently working in New York City, where she has ample opportunity to people watch and silently (or not so silently) critique the fashion choices of those around her.Lauren is a huge TV fanatic, who also loves to read, write, shop, and figure out how she can become friends with Blair… Lauren has also been dancing since before she could walk and secretly (or not so secretly) hopes that one day they will ask her to be on Glee. Follow her on twitter @LLVisco.
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Matt SolystStaff Writer
Matt was born in Severna Park, Maryland (a suburb of Annapolis,) and is currently living in Lost Angeles. A pop-culture addict, his favorite TV show is “Mad Men” and his favorite film is “American Beauty.” While you may ask why Matt, the frat-boy heterosexual white-boy, is writing for a fashion blog…it helps that his alter ego is the love-child of Blair Waldorf, Chelsea Handler and Mindy Kaling. Matt can reasonably argue why Carrie would’ve been happier if she had married Aidan, instead of Mr. Big, and then turn around and dissect every tracking shot from, “Goodfellas.” Matt is an aspiring writer of TV, film and fiction. Even though he’s not famous, you can follow him on Twitter @OldPastureLane
Ritchie PoStaff Writer
Ritchie dresses for any occasion by trying not to get people to ask him, “is that on purpose?” His style influences are Don Draper, David Bowie, Prince and Tilda Swinton, and he knows that trying to dress up as all four at once on any given day should be everyone’s life goal. Ritchie has an affinity for luxury designer labels, and can often be found haunting designer and curated eco-luxury boutiques in equal measure. He believes that for every situation in life, there is a Simpsons quote and if you can’t come up with one, you just haven’t watched enough episodes.
A lawyer by trade, Ritchie is originally from Manila and has long called Vancouver home. He is a contributing editor at Retail Insider and is a necktie consultant and style columnist for The Closet YVR. You can follow him on Instagram @styledlegally. When he grows up, he hopes to be as awesome as Amal Alamuddin Clooney (even though they’re the same age).
Terry BeasleyStaff Writer
Terry is from Boston, Massachusetts. She currently lives in New York City where she works as a teacher. Terry realized she had a small (tiny, really) J.Crew shopping addiction when she began recognizing entire outfits from her own closet on The Mindy Project and New Girl. Terry loves her cat, Dexter, a-line skirts, blue and white stripes, Ryan Gosling, and all things New England.