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As I Lay Dying, Part 1 of 2: The Boys

Episode Synopsis: Damon's got werewolf-bite-fever, and the only thing that can cure him is more Klaus Blood. Fortunately, he has a devoted brother who is willing to binge drink blood like he's trying to get into an undead Kappa Tau. Klaus hands over his blood for a new wingman in the form of a bloodlusting Stefan (having killed Elijah). At the Salvatore mansion, Damon's got a death wish and a really bad case of expository flashbacks. In the end, he stumbles through town and is confused by the screening of Gone With the Wind (don't worry, Damon, I was confused by all the period-dressed extras as well). He mistakes Elena for Katherine and bites her, but she repays him by cuddling with him in bed and kissing him. Katherine shows up for that last bit and shares her wisdom for the ages: "It's okay to love them both. I did.

Back in Mystic Falls, Sheriff Forbes is on the hunt for a feverish Damon, and she accidentally shoots Jeremy in the chest. He dies, but thanks to Bonnie's coalition of tempermental witches, he gets better. Of course, better is a relative term - he comes back to life, but he's apparently brought the ghosts of girlfriends past with him.


You have to give Damon credit – up until the second half of this season, he’s avoided the siren song of emo vampiredom. I guess it’s only fair that we allow him this one little indulgence – although, if not for the super healing, the potential damage to his face could have been catastrophic.


Then again, I don’t know if I could blame him for wanting to get some color. He’s been stuck in black button downs and dark jeans for ages now; the least he can do for himself is have a nice tan.


For his trip to the Gilbert house, Damon dons a standard black leather jacket, but I do love the big utilitarian pockets – vital for a vampire on the go.


Stefan keeps it simple this episode, sticking to a grey pullover - a fitting choice, given his impending turn to the dark side.


The only thing that keeps the look interesting is that he’s wearing a grey leather jacket, rather than the Mystic Falls standard-issue black one.


However, two things about his look are really starting to get to me. One is his anime hero hair.


The other is that he and Damon apparently are sharing boots these days.


Meanwhile, Klaus has woken up naked in a field. His super-white skin is probably the closest we will ever get to having a sparkle vampire on this show.


He decides to go for modesty and swings by a local Bloomingdales for this lovely black sweater.

Klaus, if you’re going to kill off your brother, you’ll have to step up your game a bit. Elijah’s tailored suits put your sweaters and jeans to shame.


I’ve included this picture of Jeremy mostly because his posture bears a striking resemblance to that infamous picture of Bigfoot.


I don’t have any stills of Alaric’s outfit, mostly because it’s just more of the same Safari Sam gear, but it’s official: Matt Davis might be the most intentionally funny actor on the show. Behold, his drunk face.

I am so using this face whenever I'm drunk from here on out.


The Sun Also Rises - Part 1 of 2 - Let's Hear It For the Boys

Episode Synopsis:  We’re throwing out a major sad face for this episode because Aunt Jenna is dead. Again. This time for reals. Actually, a lot of people died this episode including Jules, John, Greta and Elena. Guess which one miraculously came back from the dead? Hint: amazing hair. In a sub-plot, Caroline and Matt bust a cap in Tyler’s lupine behind, after which Caroline finds out that Matt’s been playing dumb about that whole compulsion to forget she’s a vampire. Seriously, you can’t trust ANYONE these days. Klaus, being all Klaus-y, nearly achieves the hybrid status until Bonnie reenacts some scenes from “The Craft” with help from Elijah. Yeah, it looks like everything is wrapped up nicely until Elijah double-crosses our heroes and takes off with Klaus. Not a great night for Mystic Falls.


Oh, Alaric. Sweet, full of good intentions, just trying to do his best, misfortune laden Alaric. Can I call you Al? I get that you’re all heroic because I’ve been watching for a while now but seriously, stop ripping off Damon’s style.


Slack will definitely be cut for Al this week though considering Jenna gone done and died. Wear your leather jacket with solemn pride, my friend. You deserve it.

This week’s episode was very intense so granted there weren’t a lot of wardrobe changes but, and stress that as a very sassy but, when it comes to the men of Vampire Diaries - when is variety stressed anyway? Elijah always look like that accountant who tried to screw you on your taxes. An immortal, bloodthirsty accountant.


“What you don’t like my v-neck?” - no, Stefan, I like it just fine. Seriously. I’d like it even better if you were in daylight and it magically fell off. But what do I know, I’m just a writer.


When a man decides to sacrifice himself in an unholy ritual involving nearly every branch of the supernatural tree to save your life - that’s love. When you hear of his plan and protest like some whiny teenager and boldly claim that everything is going to be alright - that’s Elena Gilbert. But, when you stand brooding above a rock quarry in some really awesome dark denim - that’s all Stefan Salvatore. 


Apparently in Mystic Falls, the villains wear colour bucking a standard trend in storytelling. Also, visitors usually die or are subjected to a whole bunch of pain. Remind me to never visit this town; poor Klaus didn’t see it coming.


Speaking of Klaus: who would have thought that the first vampire in existence would be such a hot British dude? I can’t see the chain he’s wearing but rest assured, I won’t like it. Men wearing chains is akin to women wearing galaxy-print leggings. You just don’t do it.


With all of the excitement happening at the quarry, I wonder what Tyler’s been getting up to? You know, aside from transitioning into a werewolf and getting shot. Oh look at that, he’s a nakers under a blanket. Who needs fashion when you look like that? Me - but I’m a modest kind of guy.

“Caroline, look! Check out my muscles!”

“ about this trying to kill me thingy...stop it.”


Why Caroline chose Matt, who’s looking like a GQ version of a Big Buck Magazine cover boy in this hunting jacket, over Tyler is beyond my comprehension. I guess I like dumb jocks over the outdoorsy type.


Now for those of you who have adopted wearing a leather jacket everywhere due to watching Vampire Diaries, I present to you “How to Wear A Leather Jacket In the Event of a Potential Threat to Civilization” featuring Damon Salvatore.

Lesson One: Own that jacket. Whether you’re cracking jokes or skulls.


Lesson Two: Crazy Eyes with a dash of Murderer Mouth adds to the clout your jacket carries.


Lesson Three: Don’t wear leather to a funeral, however, substitute it with a fitted suit and abandon the tie. Still badass, still sexy, always Damon.

*I was born to be a mediocre copywriter*


Here’s a tidbit of info that should not come as a surprise: I hate waffle prints. I don’t understand them and I don’t care to; don’t even get me started on ribbed cotton. Jeremy seems to have a penchant for the textured fabrics and if he wasn’t so darn cute, I’d hold it against him.


I definitely won’t win over any diehard Vampire Diaries fans but I’ll say this anyway: John Gilbert is a total fox. Well, in this episode anyway. The fitted shirt, biker style jacket and jeans that are tighter than any dad’s I’ve ever met are working for the vampire hunter. Too bad he’s dead. Like our love.


So what was my favourite bit of menswear this week? Jeremy’s funeral suit. The circumstances in which he had to bust it out are less than favourable because I loved me some Aunt Jenna but you can’t deny how good he looks.


The Last Day, Part 2 of 2 - The Guys

For the most part, the gentlemen (if some of them can even be called that) of TVD are pretty standard: dark and broody. Stefan's the one who wears the most semblance of color, really. 

An olive shirt, how intriguing!


I do like this blue combo he has during his and Elena's nature walk. It's reassuring somehow. It also makes his hair look lighter. Mmm. His hair.


Good ol' Damon, though, stays in black for the whole episode. Classic jacket.


When Klaus shows up at the bar to politely threaten Damon and Alaric, he has a glimpse of red under a dark jacket, but for the most part, looks pretty ominous. Although his short haircut is nice, no?


Caroline's boyfriend, Matt, shows up to Damon's rescue wearing his uniform blue t-shirt from the Grill corduroy maybe? I don't know what to make of him, honestly. He is confused about life, and confusion sometimes leads to betrayal. If he loves Caro, he needs to get his act together. All I'm saying is why date that...


...when you could date THIS!? Tyler has some color, he's rocking the neutrals and his jacket isn't corduroy. It's leather. A chic beige, no less. And his hair? Boom. Okay? BOOM. Tyler is fierce. And he's loyal. He came back to make sure his mom was ok even though the other wolves told him not to. ...I'm just saying.


Klaus, Part 1 of 2 - Ye Olde Vamps

Elijah returns from the dead to fill us in on his life when he was undead. Among the many “OMG” moments, the biggest reveal is that he and his brother Klaus created the Sun and Moon curse. Yeah, that’s right: the thing that everyone’s been focusing on, everyone’s been in pursuit of … it’s all a red herring. The real curse is Klaus-specific: he’s actually half-vampire, half-werewolf, but witches have suppressed the werewolf side of him. Klaus wants to break the curse so he can access both the werewolf and the vampire within. Before he can break the curse, Klaus first is transferred back into his original body – but not before using his Alaric costume to raise some hell and fill Jenna in on the existence of vampires.


We start off the episode with Elijah’s lifeless form. He’s looking a little worse for wear after Damon’s attempt at blowtorching him.


Fortunately, Elijah uses his powers of compulsion for good: a quick visit to the Lockwood home to borrow a suit from the late Mr. Mayor Lockwood. For a guy who, until a few minutes prior, had a giant silver dagger in his chest, he’s looking pretty sharp. I can see why Elena was more than happy to give her word to return as soon as possible.


As good as he is at dressing in modern garb, Elijah’s medieval looks were a little lacking. You can barely see his top in this high-resolution picture from the CW’s website.


His daywear is only slightly better. Elijah, how can you expect to steal women from your brother when you’re wearing shirts the color of rich soil?


By contrast, here’s what Klaus rocks the first time Katerina sees him: a rich blue velvet tunic that makes him look like royalty. Standing next to him, Elijah looks like his manservant.


In another flashback, we learn that vampires have always loved leather jackets. Check out Klaus’s very cool – and slightly bedazzled – jacket.


He  chooses to accent it with a shirt that has been artfully stained by the blood of the innocent; always a good choice. The red really makes the billowy white top and black jacket pop.


While wearing his Alaric costume, Klaus does the most he can with Safari Sam’s wardrobe. Per usual, he follows the vampire code with a dark button down shirt that stretches across his well-muscled torso.

He even manages to dig out a dark - but, I'm pretty sure, not leather - jacket to wear in the always cold Mystic Falls.

When he walks into his apartment, you can actually see the light tan jacket Alaric was wearing when he was captured hanging on a coat rack.


You have to hand it to Klaus: he is a very considerate house guest and host. Not only does he make sure to take care of Alaric's wardrobe, he gives Katherine a break from stabbing herself in the leg. When we next see her, she's been given a change of clothes, some eye makeup, and a curling iron.


What's most impressive is how well he knows her style - look at the boots he picked up for her.


Stiletto booties? Yeah, must be Katherine. This was a great episode for Katherine. We got to see the young, almost sweet 1492 Katerina England version of her. She giggled, you guys. Katherine giggled. And not flirtatiously, but like, genuinely. It kind of freaked me out. She was wearing an older version of her Katherine hair - lots of curls, although much tighter ones to be era-appropriate. She was also wearing a gorgeous gown in a very Elena color when we first saw her.


My favorite part, though, is Katerina's jewelry. I kind of need this necklace immediately.


The next day, when she's busy angsting to Elijah about his way hotter brother, Katerina wears a very pretty green dress. This makes me very happy, as I love green and I love when brunettes wear dark greens (not to make this all about me, but I'm wearing a very similarly colored top right now).


But seriously, how young and innocent does she look? Poor Katerina. She has no idea she's about to be made into a sacrifice, only to vamp herself at the last minute. Then again, she becomes all kinds of awesome after that, so it's not like things are so tough for her.