Reign: Love & Death

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Ships are sinking and assassins are being unrolled from carpets at engagement parties, which is par for the course on this show, really.

The Mindy Project: Road Trip

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What Mindy Wore for Her 30 Seconds of Screentime Y’all, this was not The Mindy Project’s finest hour, sartorially speaking. This week we went on [...]

Girls: Close Up

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This episode marked Hannah's return to NYC as a changed woman with a different set of goals. No more writing, Miss Horvath is going to [...]

New Girl: Background Check

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What Jess Wore For Her Very First Bottle Episode Okay, technically it’s not a true bottle episode — Coach left the apartment for a hot [...]

Revenge: Damage

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So! Many! Revenging! Clarkes! First, David takes out his revenge against Nolan on live TV, accusing him of not giving any money to Amanda, and [...]

Revenge: Damage

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This week on EMILY THORNE, CRIME SCENE CLEANER: Charlotte continues her descent into #TheWorst by killing a dude and then guilt-tripping Emily when she shows [...]

Pretty Little Liars: Under the Gun

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Part 1 of 2: Ravenswood, Population: Creepy As expected, Hanna gets arrested for that whole concealed/carry/trying-to-bury-a-weapon-on-a-college-campus incident. The Marin family (including papa!) camp out under [...]

Pretty Little Liars: Under the Gun

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Part 2 of 2: You Bark, I Bite...   So while Sparia were running around Creepyville and tangling with jerky lacrosse players, Hanna and Ems [...]

Mini Recap: Under the Gun

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"You're following a lead that came from a bird." Thank you, Toby, for finally providing some sanity in this psychopathic drama that is the PLL's [...]

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