Jane the Virgin: Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Whew. This week, we flash through about 5 months time in one hour, but, surprisingly, not much happens*. We get to see Petra's maternity style [...]

Empire: A High Hope for a Low Heaven

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What Cookie Wore Cookie is running the game this week! I mean, she runs it every week but this time around, the Big Apple Jam [...]

Reign WTF of the Week: Three Queens

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This week shows the fallout from Francis and Mary's latest teenage squabble, all about how miffed he is over her infertility, like all the 16-year-olds [...]

Glee: Never Been Kissed

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Part 1 of 2: Everybody Kurts So, here's what you missed from Glee: Puck's out of juvie (what was Mark Salling off doing, anyway?) and [...]

Glee: Never Been Kissed

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Part 2 of 2: Everybody Cries Someone needs to inventory how many name necklaces, items of clothing featuring stereos, and sparkly Justin Timberlake hats Mercedes [...]

Carrie Diaries: The Safety Dance

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After a season and a half of clunky diary exposition, Carrie's ready to write something for the world at large to digest. Pro writer, last [...]

The Mindy Project: Bro Club for Dudes

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What Mindy Wore To Be One of the Guys I feel for Mindy — being the only lady doctor in her office must be difficult. [...]

Sex and the City: The Cheating Curve

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This week, Carrie and the girls delve (too) deeply into the concept of cheating. Between moral relativisim and the existential trees-falling-in-the-forest question, there's a lot [...]

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23: Bar Lies

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Ah, the moment of truth. We all have one at some point, amiright? Well, all of us except Chloe. The specific focus of this week's [...]

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