Jane the Virgin: Chapter Twenty-Five

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You guys, how can I even offer a "previously on Jane the Virgin" when any attempt would be compared with the breathless narration of the [...]

Reign WTF of the Week: Coronation

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IT'S CORONATION TIME, Y'ALL!!! Woo, party in Renaissance France. This week, Francis became a real boy king at the world's shortest coronation ceremony, Mary became [...]

Glee: Grilled Cheesus

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Part 1: Camembert/ComeonBurt So, here's what you missed on Glee: Kurt's dad has a heart attack, which is the cue for the New Directions to [...]

Glee: Grilled Cheesus

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Part 2 of 2: Gorgonzola/Gorgeouscollars Did you know that in England, a grilled cheese is called cheese on toast? No? Well, I hope you know [...]

Carrie Diaries: No Strings Attached

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Alas, the Summer of New York is over and the Castlebury kids are heading back to school. But first, Larissa's back from Japan with a [...]

The Mindy Project: Music Festival

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What Mindy Wore to Move the Plot Along I swear to you, just last week I was watching The Mindy Project and wondered how they [...]

Sex and the City: The Freak Show

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Dating is freaky business. In this episode, the girls deal with all varieties of cray: an S&M closet, compulsive oral sex (so timely this week [...]

The Lying Game: Advantage, Sutton

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Bad Boys & Bad Bets Sutton's ready for her triumphant return to her Magical Closet, so she challenges Emma to a game of tennis for [...]

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23: Sexy People

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This week in #23, Chloe played one of her best pranks to date – taking over the offices of People Magazine to get James Van [...]

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