Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: King Memses’ Curse

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The season wraps up with an epic showdown, fisticuffs, and a much-needed dance party!

Reign WTF of the Week: Consummation

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It's becoming harder and harder to choose just 5 WTF moments each week from our fave trainwreck of amazingness. Like, is there a single character [...]

Glee: Sectionals

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Part 1 of 3: New Directions for Dummies So, here's what you missed on Glee: Emma puts her wedding on hold so the glee club [...]

Glee: Sectionals

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Part 2 of 3: Advanced Placement Passion Emma certainly looks like a bride, doesn't she? The high, virginal collar, the pretty white embroidery, the seraphic [...]

Glee: Sectionals

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Part 3 of 3: 101 Miscellaneous Characters Sometimes, there are just too many outfits - shocking, I know. This week on Glee, I've decided to [...]

Carrie Diaries: Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

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The Neverending Relationship It's Prom season, which means someone's about to get laid...right? Unfortunately, everyone seems be getting action except our heroine, Carrie, who spends [...]

The Mindy Project: Harry and Sally

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What Mindy Wore When She Met Jamie When she ran into her jerk midwife lover at the movies with his date from The Charlie Rose [...]

Jane By Design, Episode 13: The Secret

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This week on Sixteen Candles  Jane By Design, it's Jane's birthday, but no one remembers! Sad trombone. Except that actually, Billy and Ben totally remember [...]

New Girl: What Jess Wore – Valentine’s Day

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Lust is in the air! Jess has a case of "the dirty twirls"...aka she wants to have a one night stand. Winston is trying to [...]

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