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Revenge: Retribution

This week on VENDETTA INTERRUPTED: Following the death of Amanda (both person and boat) as well as Jack's near-miss, Emily's commitment to bringing down the Graysons is back WITH A VENGEANCE. Unexpectedly, Jack has decided to follow through with what he thought were Amanda's plans to expose the Graysons, so he's suddenly 1000% more interesting than before. Also Aiden worms his way back into Grayson Global, Padma...I don't know, something-something...I kinda dozed off when she appeared, and Connie's still going full-steam ahead with his political campaign. And THEN!!! Emily's foster brother appears! Will he recognize Emily as Amanda Clarke, or will he fall for the not-so-doppelganger routine like everyone before him? Only time will tell.


Emily's Target
Hell hath no fury like a lady whose BFF just got blowed up. Graysons best be watching their backs.

Gala of the Week
Everybody brought their mourning A-game to Fauxmanda's funeral. 

Best Dressed
Despite the sadness of the occasion, Emily slayed in her Evil Disney Queen funeral ensemble. 

Most Soapy Moment
Emily declares her new focus — "No more distractions!" — by flinging her old laptop into the ocean. Who needs to remove the hard drive when this more dramatic (and likely much more satisfying) method is available? 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 0
With all the sadness, this we got lots of legit hugs this week. Not a shifty side-eye to be found.


Check out Wetpaint Entertainment's recap of the dramz, then come back on Wednesday for our take on the funeral chic.

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