Fashion Finds: Pretty Little Liars - Handbags!

Last week, Spencer sported a fab laptop bag that overnight became a demanding fashion find! Searching and gathering this was a true fashion challenge, but I didn’t want to leave our fans empty handed...

I gathered similar totes to fulfill the need for Spencer’s Bag. Now I know its not THE bag, but let's be real, people - no one has to know but you and the envious girl on the train. It's just a pretty little fashion lie, right? And as an extra bonus, I found that urban schoolgirl leather backpack Aria was spotted with in recent episodes. Enjoy!



Womens Tote Bags
$100 -
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Fossil Cargo Utility Bag
$138 -









Candy BOx Purse by La Regale
$43 -


Arrow Hanger
$40 -