Reign: Dead of Night

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So much WTF-ery we had to expand our dossier to its longest yet: TWELVE WTFs. And if you thought that didn't include Cathy's descent into WITCHCRAFT then you don't know us at all.

Pretty Little Liars: Hold Your Piece

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Real talk: would it be creepy for Hanna to switch jackets with the mannequin wearing a mask of her face? Because the mannequin had WAY better outerwear.

Reign: A Better Man

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Sword fights! Feather shouldered dresses! Reign Sudden Aging Syndrome! And so much more, we had to include 8 top WTF moments.

Pretty Little Liars – These Boots Were Made for Stalking

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Meet PLL's newest forgettable addition, SydneySaraLesli. Cute jacket, though.

Riverdale: To Riverdale and Back Again

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At last Betty has begun to step up her sweater game. Maybe Veronica is taking her under her wing.


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ENOUGH. GET RIGHT OUT. Two pieces of cardboard and I’m dead. What sorcery.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: I’m Not Making Any K-Related Wordplay

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The "challenge" was not our fav, but Alexis-as-Kris-Jenner was giving us LIFE honey

Pretty Little Liars – Playtime

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Our favorite Little Liars picked kind of a snoozer to come back with, but at least their jacket game is as on point as ever.

Riverdale – The Lost Weekend

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Can the power of Molly Ringwald bring us to care about Archie's storyline?

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