The Mindy Project: The One That Got Away

What Mindy Wore When She Got Male

This episode opens with a scene from You’ve Got Mail and in fact the episode is thematically its twin. Since I’ve always hated that movie, I thought I was in for bad fashion and a condescending storyline about being "meant to be", but this turned out to be a well-tailored episode in both senses of the word. Mindy reunites with her childhood love, and they meet-cute all over the city. Oh, and Danny was asked by some patients to be their sperm donor, but it’s not compelling enough to merit my attention.


It’s another mono-outfitted episode for Mindy, as we see Dr. L in only one great outfit this week. Same with everyone else. Boo. So let’s have our fill of the gang:

In this shot we see at a glance:

  • Danny in his usual smart casual look
  • Handsome British Doctor doing smart casual better than he Danny, always a notch above in crispness, color wheel coordination and hair
  • Betsy as Lana Del Rey
  • Morgan in scrubs (out of frame), looking like he wants to hang out with Andy from Parks & Recreation.


I love that Mindy finally got some time where she plays a role in her own romantic comedy: a meet-cute years before at a Jewish sleep-away camp, a reconnection on Facebook, spending time together falling in like, but then parting with a shade of sweet sorrow. Behold adorable young Mindy at camp, with old-lady frames twenty years before hipsters co-opted them:

And her young suitor:

This flashback recalls the art direction in the way… well, that every Wes Anderson movie was ever made. Do they all look like Moonrise Kingdom?


Let’s have a look at her guy, all grown up:

Seth Rogen, y’all!!! Way to represent the YKYLF contingent from Vancouver! Woo! (Yes, Mindy would allow us to make “woo!” faces, because she does it in the pictures of her own autobiography.)


Not bad. He’s got too much hair for having been back for a brief respite from serving in Afghanistan, but I figure that brother’s gotta rock out the hair while he still can. Plus, he’s got a wicked sense of humor, as evidenced by his incomplete yet "accurate" tattoo.

He’s a keeper. Mind you, his dress is pretty utilitarian, but sex appeal can translate clothing. We hope to see him again in a few months’ time and they can have sweet reunion sex.


But first! A trip to the movies! We get to see Dr. L's idea of a day-to-night outfit, as she wore her business outfit to lunch, a double-feature matinee, dinner, and some much-needed business. (Speaking of which, what happened to her hooking up with Handsome British Doctor? That feels like an unresolved plot point.) 

The bright red sweater stands out well against the more subdued navy polka dot dress. I’ll say this much: it’s better than the unfortunate polka dot sweater she wore at the cinema a few weeks ago. Oh yes, Mindy. Our memories are long.


From a side view, we see that she’s paired it with black tights. Hmph. I am left cold by that decision.




Back outside, she keeps it simple and creates a silhouette that finishes the line from her collar down to her toes. (Although we don’t get to see her shoes this week. Wah.)

We’ve seen this coat before, and it’s adorable. I love that despite the fact that she’s a surgeon with her own private practice and a chic flat in a tony part of Manhattan, they don’t dress her up like she has a brand-new outfit every week. It’s this little touch that made 30 Rock so relatable, versus the pure fantasy of Gossip Girl. Plus, Mindy’s yellow pea coat with contrasting green scarf and clutch stays true to her ideal palette of bright, pop-y colors. seen here in her sleepwear, complete with this kicky print. I am starting to notice that she dresses in a lot of green and red, however. Do you think "Christmas" is her default theme?


In the end, dreamy Seth has to go back to Afghanistan, but do I smell a return in time for sweeps? Since the sports attorney is no longer in the picture (he's with not-Erin) and neither is not-Ryan-Howard, Dr. L needs a win.