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Dark Shadows - Part 1 of 2 - It's a Sad, Sad World

Betty is still struggling to lose weight, while Don is struggling to prove he's still got that magic advertising touch. He's still good, but might Ginsberg be better? And Roger reconnects with his ex-wife Jane who instantly regrets it, while Pete can't stop thinking about Beth.


So many of the characters on Mad Men are inherently sad (at least under the surface) that I could have put nearly anyone in this category. But let’s begin with the saddest of them all, Betty Francis.


Oh, Betty. These outfits are doing your heftier frame no favors. Before picking up the kids from Don’s, Betty checks herself out in the mirror and sucks in her stomach. We've all been there, Betts. It never works, BTW.


Unfortunately, it didn’t help that she walked in to find (OK, she was totally spying) Don’s new, hot wife changing into a super cute printed top. This is a girl who doesn’t need to measure her cheese. The following encounter was, to say the least, awkward.


Betty’s having such a hard time coping with all this that she rushed home to stress eat some whipped cream straight out of the can.

Yikes. Good thing she spit it into the sink before swallowing, because she had a Weight Watchers meeting to attend.


Yes, Weight Watchers, which is apparently a haven for women who are desperately trying to conceal those ten extra pounds with some Jackie O. style tweed and pearls.


Why does Betty always have to dress like she’s on her way to a PTA meeting? At least the woman running the meeting looks somewhat chic – she’s donning a cool patterned scarf.


You know, maybe Betty would have a better body image if she wore something more flattering? This ruffled nightgown looks like the adult size of something Sally would wear. Not very sexy, if you ask me.


And this? Stop. Dressing. Like. You’re. 60.


Another Weight Watchers meeting, another tweed outfit. Is it meant to create bulimia? Because looking at that jacket makes me want to throw up.


At least the meeting leader brings it yet again, this time with a cool patterned coat. Betty can take some life advice and some fashion advice from this lady.

By the way, does she look familiar to anyone? She totes reminds me of Anna Nardini (April’s mom) from Gilmore Girls, but I can’t find a cast listing anywhere. If so, that would be a weird Gilmore Girls reunion.


I think this is the most pregnant we’ve seen January Jones look all season – they caught a side angle and it definitely reveals the baby bump.


But at least Betty’s in something other than the political wife uniform. An actual sweater! A plaid skirt! Still pearls, though. God forbid she take those off for even a moment.


I think Betty’s Thanksgiving outfit is worst of all. A boxy jacket, the double-strand of pearls and some kind of themed brooch? Lord help us all. When Betty said she’s thankful that she has everything she wants “and nobody has anything better”, she’d clearly overlooked her wardrobe.

[Ed note: I have those exact same water glasses! My next Thanksgiving dinner is totally going to be "Sad Mad Men" themed. - Jen]


But you know what? Thin, well-dressed people can be miserable too. Just look at Roger’s poor newly divorced ex-wife Jane.

Those bright pajamas can't hide her pain. She accepts Roger’s dinner invitation, even though he’s only using her.


At least she gets a new apartment out of the deal, plus she looks absolutely stunning at the business dinner.


Sad, but stunning. This was my favorite outfit of the episode. She looks like a movie star. Yes, a sad movie star. But a movie star! Sad! Stunning! Stunning! Sad! Oh Mad Men, you take me on such an emotional roller coaster.



I think Roger was too busy checking out his dinner companion’s bad plastic surgery to notice how gorgeous his ex-wife looked, though.


Too bad Jane ended up naked and teary on her pretty paisley couch. Even that fur coat can’t keep away the chill of Roger’s manipulations. (Did I really just type that? Oh yes, you bet I did.)


Speaking of fur coats, Rory Gilmore made another appearance this week – and it was oh so scandalous! For reals, I have a hard time seeing Rory this way.

Of course, Pete was just having a dream. No girl would show up to someone’s office dressed like that and coo “I saw your piece in the New York Times.”


Pete really is a sad cat. He’s not even wearing the best tie in the office. That honor goes to Harry.


Nice diagonal stripes! Roger is the best dressed male lately, though. Check out his silk polka dot scarf!

But why so glum? Is Roger too sad to even muster a smirk at whatever stupid thing Pete Campbell said? Uh-oh.


Dark Shadows - Part 2 of 2 - Shiny, Happy People

Like I said, pretty much everyone on Mad Men is sad in some way. But for the time being, these folks are the happiest of the bunch. Most of all, Megan, who’s living the dream as a hot wife/cool stepmom/struggling actress.

Oh, you know...just hangin’ out in some cozy sweaters teaching my stepdaughter how to make herself cry.


Now that it’s almost Thanksgiving, Megan has traded in her sleeveless dresses for cigarette pants and autumn-hued sweaters. Does mustard and denim work? Child, please. Anything works on Mrs. Zou Bisou Bisou.


Sally’s also rocking toasty knits, although her attitude this week was chillingly Betty-esque.


She looks cute, but I fear she’s turning into the worst combination of her parents. She's just a few manipulative moves away from being an ice queen in a corner office.


Megan even looks cute when relaxing at home running lines with her actress friend, who's auditioning for Dark Shadows. I wonder if Tim Burton’s feelings were hurt when Megan called it crap?

Oh speaking of crap, Megan’s friend is looking…unfortunate. That print and color palette work for no one, particularly not for a red head.


But really, Actor Friend can't compete with the likes of Megan, who is adorbs even in housewife mode, complete with a head scarf and apron.


If Megan’s happy, Don’s happy. Check out his relaxed look as he leaves his family at home while he heads to the office.


Don is dipping his feet back into the creative waters, even if it means screwing over Ginsberg.

I said Don is happy, not nice.


Seriously though, Don’s clothes have become so much more relaxed. Look at this long sleeved polo! We hardly ever see him in a color! Who is this man??


The rest of the office, well, they’re not fairing as well. I don’t think being a single mom is doing Joan’s hair any favors. I can see right through her teased do, and there is no way Seasons 1-4 Joan would ever let that slide in the secretarial pool.


Time to get with the times and play it loose like Megan, Joanie. And loosen up your wardrobe a little, too! Seriously, I'm hot and itchy just looking at her.


Well, at least Joanie still dresses better than Peggy.

Peggy? Peggy, where are you? Oh, there you are. Couldn’t find you in that oatmeal outfit, sitting on the oatmeal couch.


This is just slightly better. And does Ginsberg wear the same outfit to work every day? It sure feels like it.


As we saw with Actor Friend, mustard isn’t Peggy’s color either.


We can’t see much of Peggy’s outfit here, but I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the amazing staredown she’s giving Roger. That's some Christina Ricci levels of bitchface.

Tell it like it is, girlfriend!


But I will cut our favorite office feminist some slack. This last look is probably Peggy’s best of the night.

I wish the neckline were less horrific, but the bow at the waist is pretty and the color isn’t bad. BTW, I put Peggy in the ‘happy’ category because she’s yet to realize how much she’s been usurped by Ginsberg. He’s even outshining Don, but Peggy can’t see it yet.


Maybe all the plaid has distracted her from his talent.

I mean...ow. This just hurts to look at. All the lines! All the colors! All the textures!


Bravo to wardrobe and set design for this shot. Ginsberg looks so out of place in Roger’s modern office, it’s insane. 

Ginsberg, you're being out-youthed by someone old enough to be your dad. Chew on that for a while, and then maybe write a sad poem about it.


But you know, today’s hipsters would kill for his wardrobe. Just put a can of PBR in his hand, and it's a Friday night at an ironic dive bar.

Do I smell a rivalry developing? Looks like it! Don had better up his game, or the King of the Thrift Store will be running creative soon.