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The Big Day - Part 1 of 2 - Let Them Wear Cake

On the day of the Breeland-Tucker wedding, a storm hits Bluebell forcing George and Lemon to relocate the wedding and Wade and Zoe to take cover in a barn. In a surprising (yet, let's face it, utterly predictable) chain of events, George calls off the wedding to confess his love for Zoe... just after she finishes sexytime with Wade. Talk about bad timing. HoD's first season finale follows CW's formula to a T: a disastrous wedding + a love triangle with a bunch of hot people + exposed male body parts just because - believability one hell of a season finale. 


The episode opens with a dream. Because, you know, we don't get to see that a lot anymore:


For a second, I thought George was wearing a cardigan with shoulder pads. Which, though nightmarish, is at least more interesting than what he's actually wearing.

Why, in George's dream, do Lemon and Zoe both wear excessive amounts of jewelry? It doesn't really bother me that much; I'm too distracted by their textured wedding dresses.


They look like they're wearing mounds of cake frosting. 

Not necessarily a bad thing.


Also, why, in George's dream, does Lavon dress super fab in a white tux?

It's time to give up when your nemesis dresses more fashionably than you even in your dreams.


Lemon calls George, interrupting his pre-wedding jitters dream and looking wedding-ready straight out of bed. Wow, this is the first time Lemon's hair isn't "done" and my hair will STILL never look as good as this.


Zoe, desperate to make up with Wade, comes bearing gifts of creme brulee coffee (does that really exist?) in this amazing red textured jacket.


I honestly cannot even deal with how cute this outfit is. It hurts just looking at it: red jacket, white tie blouse, leopard print belt, black trousers and platform booties. And that bag! GOOD LORDDDD. Perfect for objecting holy matrimony.



Unfortunately, this outfit won't help her win George back. Though after seeing the wedding photography, maybe that's a good thing...


Lavon comes to warn George of a storm while wearing possibly his most fashionable outfit of the entire series:

Seriously, Lavon. You're killing it. Head-to-toe. Killing it.


Even Swan agrees.

"What?? ...I swear, I style myself."


Back at the Breeland estate, the bridal party awaits Lemon's arrival. Magnolia prepares for her maid-of-honor role by wearing this pale yellow 3D dress.


This dress is a homerun. Look at the back:


Cricket, on the other hand, prepares for the wedding by gluing a bunch of Skittles to a terry top.


A storm hits Bluebell, just as Lavon predicted, and the bridesmaids struggle to keep Lemon from finding out. Magnolia dons this over-the-top flower headpiece, which reminds me of what I wore to my cousin's wedding as a flower girl in 1993.



Whoa, sorry, Lem. I heard the 90s were coming back...?


The Big Day - Part 2 of 2 - Zoe vs. Wade's Abs: Lightning Round

Zoe drives to Mobile to do some shopping and, of course, avoid the Royal Wedding. On the way back to Bluebell, she picks up Wade, whose car has broken down. They somehow end up in a barn, soaking wet with a bunch of a goats.

CW. Seriously. You really know how to write a show.


At this point, we know Zoe and Wade are gonna get it on. The question now is when. Wade shows off his arms in possibly HIS most fashionable outfit of the entire series.

Look, I know, I know, it's just a wifebeater and jeans but he always wears plaid and-- oh, forget it. IT'S THE BICEPS.


Zoe doesn't look too upset being stuck in a barn with Biceps. She looks super cute and all smiley in her very see-through white blouse.


Too bad his focus is on another girl:


Back at the bridal party, Annabeth tries to cheer Lemon up in this fantastic taupe pink feather dress, flower earrings and statement necklace.


I am a little confused about her hair though. It's still in the prep process... right?

Hm. I guess we'll never know.


A baby goat escapes the barn and Zoe and Wade run out to rescue it. Wade helps out by taking his shirt off:

I take back what I said before. THIS is Wade's most fashionable outfit of the entire series.

Do you think this episode is available in IMAX 3D?


George scrambles to make the wedding happen but even this AMAZING, FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL, SERIOUSLY GORG Monique Lhuillier dress cannot save it.

Talk about cake frosting. Lemon looks AMAZING.


Here is a closer look:

LOVE LOVE LOVE. And she even added one of her fav hair pieces!


After a heated fight and tons of sexual tension, Wade returns to his house to get ready for the wedding in, for realsies, his most fashionable outfit of the entire series:

Looks so dapper. Never thought that was possible.


Don't you think, Zo?

Oh. Okay.


Knock, knock. There's five minutes left in the episode. WHO COULD THAT BE?

I see that George is trying to pull off a "Wade" right now but he just looks gross and sweaty. I mean, not EVERYONE can pull off looking hot in the rain. It's a skill.


It's also a skill to lie on a bed looking like you're posing for a nude, oil painting.


"Boy, am I in trouble."


And there you have it: a traditional CW season finale. Which means, tons of storyline doors are open for business next season. Lemon and Lavon are a possibility again, Zoe will have to choose between two super hot guys and two super hot guys will have to compete for Zoe's heart. Though, in this episode alone, there is simply no competition. That is if Zoe's only requirements are looking hot in the rain, looking hot without a shirt on and looking hot on a bed after sex. In that case, piece of cake.