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Disaster Drills & Departures - Part 1 of 2 - Black and White and... Cream?!

Welcome back loyal readers, how's your Hart feeling this week? Blue? Red? Chartreuse? This week's episode started with the blame game, as Zoe blamed herself when one of her friends faced a health crisis and she didn’t notice the symptoms (c'mon doc!) Meanwhile, with much encouragement from Lavon, Wade explores the idea of opening his own bar in Bluebell (I suggest the name "Wine 'Em Dine 'Em"). Meanwhile, Lemon plans a romantic night for George, hoping to get their Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom[ed] relationship back on track. Got your defibrillators ready? Then let's go!


Here we have two generations of Harts, but only one fashionista. With Pappy Hart donning the 1980's online dating video mustache and a serious case of dad-clothes, it makes us wonder where Zoe got her fashion sense from. In her go-to black and white getup, Zoe simply stuns.


Let's take a closer look at that coat, which is almost as long as her doctors coat. Oh, idea! She should def start wearing that in her office from now on. In fact, cough-cough, I'm suddenly feeling sick...


But from a futher away view we see her shoes - and I'm just sort of "eh" on them. I know she's breaking her black-or-white method - but maybe she could've worn neutral shoes that wouldn't compete with the coat?



Sans-future-lab-coat, Dr. Hart shows off (in my humble opinion) her best assests in her killer tight leather skirt. Meanwhile, we have Annabeth in a nice floral dress, but it doesn't really take any chances now, does it? In the eternal words of Miranda Hobbes, "You gonna lose some to win some!"


How many variations of black and white does Zoe have in her wardrobe? She kind of reminds me of that girl from Seinfeld who always wore the exact same outfit.



"Hi, this is Zoe Hart, is Matt Solyst there?... Hi Matt - yeah I read your You Know You Love Fashion recap about me always wearing black and white, and I just wanted to let you know that I am currently wearing blue jeans and a cream colored jacket, so SUCK IT!"


I done been told, y'all.


Disaster Drills & Departures - Part 2 of 2 - Heart to Hart

OK, I just got off the phone with Zoe and after our little Heart-to-Hart, I'm just going to focus on the other charcaters now...

Here we have Dr. Brick, looking his Sunday Southern best. I'm liking his blue dress shirt, but he needs another color to offset the khaki overload. Something up the alley of J. Peterman maybe?


And here we have the non-Zoe gang, just hanging out. More on Lemon and Magnolia in a second - let's look at George's outfit. Is his band about to open for The Black Keys? Is he moonlighting as a bouncer at a seedy crossroads bar? Or is be the new model/spokeperson for the V-neck top?


Love the color flow on Lemon here - we go from a lovely cream top, to a yellow skirt, and finally ending at a gold purse worthy of Serena van der Woodsen.


"Hello, is this Matt from YKYLF? I just want to say thanks for trashing Zoe in your previous post!"

"This is Matt, but I wasn't that harsh on her. In fact, I usually like her black and white outfits."

Akward pause.

"Oh... I see..."

Even more akward pause.


If Lemon and Magnolia were having an outfit-off, then poor Magnolia stands no chance. It's not that she looks bad or anything, she just looks so... safe. Having the same problems as the beforementioned Annabeth, Magnolia needs to try and step it up a notch.


That being said, upon closer look - Magnolia does indeed look very cute here. I think I would just like her more if she lost the pink coat or tried something less conservative (while remaining, of course, Southern and classy.) PS: props to Magnolia on the subtle yet stylish necklace.


Speaking of subtle, on the deepest of opposite days, we have Shelly in her... whatever the heck outfit this is supposed to be. It's patriotic, I'll give her that, but it also looks like she's wearing a picnic table cloth for a skirt, and I'm not talking about her apron.



And...are those studs on her shirt? I imagine that accidentally running into her would really hurt.


But wait, here to save the good people of Bluebell from spiky servers (and harsh recappers) is...

Lavon! In strides our reliable mayor, in his typical save-the-day fashion. Like Superman's red cape, the flash  of fashionable fedora means that help is on the way. Sigh. You guys? The streets of Bluebell are safe again.