Tributes and Triangles - Part 1 of 2 - Man of the Year, Man of the Beers

Brick is hit with disappointment when George is named Bluebell's Man of the Year, and Lavon is hit with mega-angst at the task of hosting a cocktail party in George's honor. Zoe to the rescue! Or not, when she pretty much reveals to the entire room that she has feelings for George. Lemon's not to happy about that, but still goes on to perform a jazzy number (complete with glittery hat) in George's honor. Southern women. They're so strong.


It's time to announce the winner of the MOTY (Man of the Year) award. Check out the engravings on the box containing the envelope. Very Neverending Story.


Hey Lavon, would you like some mustard with those pants? Actually, it's not so bad. A nice change of pace from the usual khaki that gets paired with navy blazers. And I'm digging Zoe's form fitting jeans, but what's up with homegirl's top?


Seriously, it looks like a collage of megapixels threw up on her sweater. Am I wrong? Look, Zoe would look adorable in a potato sack, but with her vast empire of a wardrobe, certainly she could've worn something more "Zoe" and less "Schmoey".


Back to the MOTY event (the first of three for this week's Time-Honored Bluebell Tradition). Here is Brick house in his standard "I'm a doctor and doctors wear boring suits all the time" apparel. Brick, it's no wonder you didn't win the MOTY!

So, I'm wondering... is Brick a secret fan of the Paul Thomas Anderson classic Magnolia? I'd like to think that he is, and that his daughter's name isn't just a Southern thing. Nevermind that the movie probably came out after she was born. Details, you guys. Much like the cute details on her dress. We'll take a closer look in a bit.


Anyway, the MOTY award goes to... George and his checkered orange tie! Congrats to both of you.

Loving Lemon's cream colored top. That scarf makes it classy and elegant, yet somehow sexy all at once.


"It's dangerous to confuse children with angels" said the great Magnolia film — and it's also dangerous to confuse that a 14-year old Magnolia can dress like Rachel Zoe is her mother. But you know, it's a TV show, and I'm absolutely loving her pink lace. And again with the fine details - here we see her matching pink flower hairpiece.


What's Magnolia so enamored with? Could it be Wade's (lack of) wardrobe?

Well... he is wearing a necklace...


Speaking of jewelry, nothing JUMPS out at me about Lemon's outfit, except maybe those earings. That's a whole lot of glitz going on.


Contrast that to the nothing going on with Magnolia. Not to be the prude-police, but she's is 14-years-old and dressing like a 24 year old. She's not even old enough to WATCH Magnolia!


Wade, deep in thought and deep in layers of cotton, seems to agree with me.


It would be nice if Wade could take a style cue from Lavon. You know, I'm not sure he's a Mayor so much as he's a dashing and debonair CIA agent. Because he sure-as-shoot dresses like one!


And his date for the evening brings it with the outfit of the episode. I call this a "Triple S Dress" - sleek, seductive and sexy. Well done, Zoe.


Well done on your outfit, Z-dwag, but not well done on letting everyone know you made up a speech about how amazing George is, only to have his FIANCE find out about it. Gulp.


Puppy dog faces won't save you now, kids.


But maybe a good night's sleep will help, and in PJs with palm trees, no less.

That's it, darling. Dream of a beach vacay, far, far away from these Bluebell people.