Riverdale: A Kiss Before Dying

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Another season of Riverdale begins, and we ask once again: will Betty ever get to wear something that is not painfully bland?

Riverdale: The Sweet Hereafter

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Jughead gets his Jordan Catalano on, Betty ups her outerwear game, and Archie makes everything worse in the season finale of our favorite new show.

Riverdale – Anatomy of a Murder

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Riverdale has finally given us a teen show mystery … AND SOLVED IT. Take notes, PLL.

Riverdale: To Riverdale and Back Again

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At last Betty has begun to step up her sweater game. Maybe Veronica is taking her under her wing.

Riverdale – The Lost Weekend

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Can the power of Molly Ringwald bring us to care about Archie's storyline?

Riverdale – La Grande Illusion

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So for real, how much do we want to bet that the Blossoms are in a maple-based sex cult?

Riverdale – The Outsiders

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Veronica Lodge's daytime pearls are the new Blair Waldorf's headband.

We’ve fallen head over heels in love with Riverdale, and you should too

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Riverdale gave us a teenage girl in a cape and a pearl-encrusted collar, so OF COURSE we'll be covering it.

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