Reign: All it cost her

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Reign wraps up bonkers as ever, with Mary getting the happily-ever-after she's always fought for. Also: Cathy has a threesome that may have conceived the Antichrist. Because sometimes Reign's just gotta be Reign.

Reign: 25 Top WTF Moments of All Time, Ever

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From killer windows to black magic and sooo many stabbings, our fav bonkers moments from TV's most OMG show.

Reign: Blood in the water

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Mary's a mom, Cathy's kids are out of control, and Liz accidentally starts a war with Spain. Just another week in the 16th century.

Reign: A Bride. A Box. A Body.

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I mean. Epic doesn't begin to explain this episode, which may have inspired our longest recap to date.

Reign: Coup de Grace

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In which Mary comes to radically re-think her position last week that maybe things will get better with time.

Reign: The Shakedown

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Everything's on a medium-high simmer in all three courts, and we're just waiting for the explosion.

Reign: Dead of Night

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So much WTF-ery we had to expand our dossier to its longest yet: TWELVE WTFs. And if you thought that didn't include Cathy's descent into WITCHCRAFT then you don't know us at all.

Reign: A Better Man

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Sword fights! Feather shouldered dresses! Reign Sudden Aging Syndrome! And so much more, we had to include 8 top WTF moments.

Reign: Tangled Strings

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This show is getting GRIM so luckily we have Mary's new GBF and a baby pirate earrings plotline for distraction.

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