Reign: Love & Death

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Ships are sinking and assassins are being unrolled from carpets at engagement parties, which is par for the course on this show, really.

Reign: Highland Games

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In which we deal with a bucket of animal blood,a shirtless boxing match, and most importantly, a woman named Karen.

Reign: Playing With Fire

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So much WTF this week, Mary getting engaged with a shoe is just at #7. SHE GOT ENGAGED WITH A SHOE.

Reign: Leaps of Faith

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Cathy's back to her old tricks, Claude is temporarily a Saint, Leeza just wants to be loved, and Mary's too busy being romanced a la The Bachelor to care.

Reign: A Grain of Deception

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Fashion! Show! Spy! Reveal! Party!

Reign: With Friends Like These

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Our fav three Queens are back, and out for blood but like: what else is new

Reign: A Farewell to Mary’s Ladies in Waiting

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We'll miss you Boho Spice, Lola, Greer and The Other One.

Reign: Spiders in a Jar

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The One Where Everyone Dies And Everything Is Horrible.

Reign: Intruders

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Get in loser, we're going shopping. FOR THE SCOTTISH CROWN!!!

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