Mad Men: Person to Person

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How is it all over? We'll never again delight in Roger's dapper mustache or watch Don make terrible choices about women. No more ugly suits [...]

Mad Men: The Milk And Honey Route

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YOU GUYS. This is the second to last episode of Mad Men. There’s only one more left! And this week there was nary a peep [...]

Mad Men: Lost Horizon

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I see that horizon, and it's coming faster than I'd like. With only two episodes to go (sniff, sigh) Team SC&P are officially moving into [...]

Mad Men: Time & Life

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McCann has finally won: they're absorbing Sterling Cooper and closing the offices. Even a last minute Hail Mary presentation can't save them. Everyone tries to [...]

Mad Men: The Forecast

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This week on Mad Men, Matthew Weiner Don faces the impossible task of summing up the past ten years and imagining a future that seems [...]

Mad Men: New Business

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For Don, this week's events were a bit like A Christmas Carol, as Don encounters four women who he's screwed over, along with the woman [...]

Mad Men: Severance

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The moment I have been waiting for (what feels like) 30 years has finally arrived: The final season of Mad Men. The end of an [...]

Mad Men: Waterloo

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It's an episode full of huge moments: Neil Armstrong lands on the moon, Megan and Don finally (?) call it quits, Peggy finds a hot [...]

Mad Men: The Strategy

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I'm going on record as saying this is one of the best episodes Mad Men has ever done, and there's a lot going on, so [...]

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