GCB: Revelation

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What do you get when you cross Sandra Bernhard, a sketch-ball place in Mexico, a number of revelations so BIG they blow your mind, and [...]

GCB: Adam & Eve’s Rib

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I got my baby back, baby back, baby back Chili’s baaaaby back ribs — no, just me?  Well, I’m sure that’s changed now. Moving along. [...]

GCB: Pride Comes Before a Fall

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It was only a matter of time before the dreaded Musical Episode reared its ugly head. And just like the old saying goes, everything is [...]

GCB: Sex is Divine – Two is Better Than One

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I sure hope no boys watched this episode, because after seeing the size of Gigi's engagement ring, every girl in America is going to be [...]

GCB: Turn The Other Cheek – Superlatives

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Nothing says "vow renewal" like big hoop dresses and a scandal the size of Texas. Carlene and Ripp's marriage might not be real? Oh Lord, [...]

GCB: Forbidden Fruit – Girls Just Want to Have Funds (and Boyfriends)

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In this episode we learn that money and power are the real currencies of life. Wait. Isn’t that supposed to be love? Well, there was [...]

GCB: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – The Beatitudes and the Damned

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Barbeques, butts, and burglary – oh my!  Our favorite southern belles are mired in jealousy and deceit, but it’s nothing that a little scheming, a [...]

GCB: Love is Patient – Straight From The Bible

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This weeks episode was all about sex, love, relationships, sex, revenge and oh yeah, s-e-x. Not very churchly if you ask me. But with some [...]

GCB: Hell Hath No Fury – The Seven Deadly Sins (Of Fashion)

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Last week we asked you to vote on whether or not we should recap GCB, and y'all clutched your oversized pearls and shouted hallelujah! Because [...]

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