Entourage: The End

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Bye Bye, Bros That’s a wrap, folks. The eighth and final season of Entourage concluded on Sunday night and the boys were all left with [...]

Mini Recap: The End

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::sniff, sniff::  Oh, hi. Didn't see you there. What? No, I wasn't crying. That sniffling is just allergies. It had nothing to do with seeing [...]

Entourage: Second to Last

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Episode Synopsis: Ok, THIS is more like it. After six ho-hum episodes, Entourage finally gives the people what they want...fast paced storylines with a little [...]

Entourage: Second to Last mini-recap

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Oh, hey there, Entourage! Nice of you to join us. We're very appreciative of the meaty episode, like so many from seasons gone by. NYC [...]

Entourage: The Big Bang

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Vinny is a touch whiney this episode. He's upset he can’t get Sophia in the sack and even more upset about the unfavorable magazine cover [...]

Entourage: The Big Bang mini-recap

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OMG, MRS. MELISSA GOLD! Yeah, so...we found out her first name, even though Mark Wahlberg swore we never would. Last time I believe anything he [...]

Entourage: Motherf*cker mini-recap

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E puts on a suit, then rips it off for his ex-fiance's ex-stepmother. Keepin' it in the family... NYC reference count = 2+ Turtles blue [...]

Entourage: Whiz Kid

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In the aftermath of witnessing a drug-induced suicide, Vince has to take a drug test. Not a problem since he’s clean and sober after finishing [...]

Entourage: Whiz Kid mini-recap

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Well, it's about time. Halfway into the season we finally got a juicy episode, complete with prosthetic packages and revenge dating. NYC reference count = [...]

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