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Dynasty: Spit It Out

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We’ve been away from the Carringtons for a few weeks, but better late than never to catch up on their dramatic fashion.

Dynasty: I Hardly Recognized You

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Who's ready for a new Savage-Schwartz creation? WE ARE! Sort of. Maybe?

Pretty Little Liars: To DeAth Do Us Part

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At long last, we've reached the end of an era. Let's break down the most batshit crazy plot twist PLL has ever thrown at us, and the moment that Aria went peak Aria.

Pretty Little Liars: Farewell My Lovely

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Everything is about to be reveAled. Except, you know, why they copped out and made that 2015 flashforward into a dream.

Pretty Little Liars: Choose or Lose

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Okay, everyone, theory time: are Spencer's hair and purse choices secretly A CLUE???

Pretty Little Liars: The Glove that Rocks the Cradle

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Aria has spent seven seasons breaking into places and she's still a terrible burglar. (Unless that's what she WANTS us to think!)

Pretty Little Liars: In the Eye Abides the Heart

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It's Troian's directorial debut! And Director Troian is into giving Spencer straight hair and forcing Lucy Hale to crouch behind dumpsters.

Pretty Little Liars: Power Play

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After seven seasons, the PLL's have finally started to notice how Aria never has to deal with the level of shit from A that the rest of them do. Maybe A really likes her outfits!

Riverdale – Anatomy of a Murder

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Riverdale has finally given us a teen show mystery … AND SOLVED IT. Take notes, PLL.

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