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New Girl: Last Thanksgiving & James Wonder

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Even when he's James Wonder, Winston's printed shirts are always a joy.

New Girl: Single and Sufficient & Homecoming

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From country to city, Jess Day knows how to rock the navy-blue-with-a-pop-of-red outfit.

New Girl: Return to Sender

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Winston's fabulous bird shirts get their very own subplot. 

New Girl: Dress

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New power couple alert.

Girls: Hello Kitty

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In which Adam and Jessa become hipster Romeo & Juliet, all heart eye emojis across the courtyard as a woman is murdered below.

New Girl: Sam, Again

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Winston has style even when he's sick.

New Girl: D-Day

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Sandy Cohen, how could you?

New Girl: The Apartment

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Flashback to Jess and Cece: The Early Days. Can we get Cece to bring her bob back?

Girls: Old Loves

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Marnie sulks in... interesting... pants (?) as her new husband debates turning their apartment into a music club.

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