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The YKYLF Blog: Ten reasons to watch Outlander

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We're not saying Sam Heughan's frequently shirtless torso is NOT a good reason to watch this show, but that's not the ONLY reason.

Reign: Spiders in a Jar

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The One Where Everyone Dies And Everything Is Horrible.

Reign: Safe Passage

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Bash has a pretty intense day.

Reign: To the Death

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So much great #RachFace, we gave her her own section.

Reign: No Way Out

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Not saying that we're shipping Lola x Liz but we aren't NOT shipping Lola x Liz.

Reign: Fight or Flight

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Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaancis...is probably laughing it up in Heaven right now, because French Court is a mess. For Mary less husband means mo' problems, and Catherine pings [...]

Reign: Burn

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In this presumably Ellie Goulding-themed finale, Reign returns to its roots — by which I mean its inappropriate, blood sacrificing, underage sex having, bursting through [...]

Reign: Fugitive

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To quote the greatest movie of our time, 'the sh*t...hath hitteth the fan...eth' (that's 10 Things I Hate About You, for those of you too [...]

Reign: Reversal of Fortune

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It does seem like Francis spends ninety percent of the time avoiding king-ing (by avoiding his nobles for reasons of Lola's baby, Narcisse or Mary), [...]

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