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Riverdale: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

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Let's not try to imagine poor sweet dumb Archie using a gun. There are better alternatives.

Riverdale: The Watcher in the Woods

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The Red Circle is here to save the day! With shirtless flexing, which is how all good vigilante armies do their work.

Riverdale: Nighthawks

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Betty's wardrobe is staying Tracy-Flick-adjacent, but Cheryl's going full Gray Gardens — and we are HERE FOR IT.

Riverdale: The Sweet Hereafter

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Jughead gets his Jordan Catalano on, Betty ups her outerwear game, and Archie makes everything worse in the season finale of our favorite new show.

Riverdale: To Riverdale and Back Again

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At last Betty has begun to step up her sweater game. Maybe Veronica is taking her under her wing.

Riverdale – La Grande Illusion

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So for real, how much do we want to bet that the Blossoms are in a maple-based sex cult?

The Mindy Project: Leland Breakfast Is the Miracle Worker

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Mindy looks like a fabulous birthday cupcake this week.

The Mindy Project: Margaret Thatcher

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Mindy's channeling Joan Hollaway this week, and we are all about it.

The Mindy Project: Bernardo and Anita

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You guys, how did we never realize that coordinating is part of Mindy Lahiri's heritage?

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