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Fashion Finds: Pretty Little Liars - Know Your Frenemies

Hey YKYLF readers!  We know you tune in to your favorite shows to peep Blair’s latest handbag, or that maybe you'd kill "A" for Aria's crazy earring collection. So, we've started a new feature called Fashion Finds!

Every Monday, fashion guru and YKYLF intern Jodie will help you easily and affordably match the style of your favorite characters. Check back every week for her savvy finds and must-have style advice!  Take it away, Jodie!


Boy-crazy Aria makes us love her alternative style. While most fashionistas have an earring collection that's eclectic in colors and sizes, it's safe to say that Aria's is on steroids! This girl knows how to dress! In “Know Your Frenemies” Aria turns heads with her urban/rocker chic style. Here's where to get her look...

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The lovely Hanna is quick with the attitude, but has a sweet side. She dresses for drama...or maybe to impress the mysterious A? No matter, this is one girl who knows how to make a statement on a budget! Her red skirt, blazer and flats work for school, the office, or a lunch date and by adding a pair of heels you can easily go from day to night. Dying to have this outfit? We found it here...



Know Your Frenemies - Part 1 of 3 - Blue Valentine

Episode Synopsis: Spencer does some sleuthing--finding out some suspicious info about Alison and Ian. Pam finds Maya's roach clip collection and sends the hippie off to "juvie camp." A sends Hanna on a nasty treasure hunt for her mother's missing money--triggering some not-so-fond memories. Everybody is mean to Toby, which makes Spencer reconsider how guilty he might be.  A gets Noel kicked out of school. The episode ends with A helping them find proof that Ian is SO CREEPY: the previously unseen ending of their non-sex tape, which may or may not be showing Ian killing her. Oh, and Aria and Mr Fitz totally do it.


So... remember how last time was all about cranberry? This week is brought to you by the colours blue, red, and purple. Leading the way (and stealing the show) are Aria's feather earrings:

Unlike last time we saw her wearing a feather earring, this time she splurged and bought a matching pair! These look really cute with her long, wavy hair and bring out Aria's gorgeous eyes. Most of this episode took place over a few hours in a single day, so she's wearing these puppies for almost the entire episode. After awhile, I felt like they should get their own guest-star credit. And then midway through, a close-up reveals that there are little charms hanging off of the earrings too! TOO CUTE.


She also wears an array of amazing gigantic rings, such as this one, which appears to be a huge gold square:


Kate liked this outfit best when she did her mini-recap:



This is the day after her very long day in the peacock earrings. Oh, and it's also the Morning After she and Mr. Fitz TOTALLY DID IT. At first, I thought the tanktop was made of some sort of fringe, but upon closer inspection it seems to be a very gauzy, pleated tie-dye. Really pretty on Aria. She wears it under a leather jacket for school. Oh, and also these layered necklaces:

Is it me, or if you were being stalked by someone calling themselves "A," isn't it weird to wear a necklace with a giant "A" on it? I mean, even if your name does begin with "A." Which mine does, come to think of it. Note to self: find out where Aria got that necklace from and buy one for myself.


Also in blue this week: #Poor Toby


I watched the episode a day late, but when I went on Twitter Monday night, I saw that #Poor Toby was a trending topic. And the poor guy! The police seem sure that he's Alison's killer, the kids at school treat him even worse than before when he returns, and even little children run from him on the street! How can you be mean to a guy who so successfully pulls off the denim-on-denim look? The key is to wear different colours of denim, as he does here with the faded cowboy-style button-up and his darker rinse jeans. And check out his t-shirt:

It's like two hawks are killing each other on the front of his chest. This is probably symbolic of his inner turmoil. I mean, dude is so sad that he even melts Spencer's icy heart.

Too bad Emily's too busy being out of the closet to cheer him up.

Ok, she doesn't look too happy here, but that's just because she's watching Toby being harassed in the halls. This is a typical Emily outfit - jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, meh. I mean, I'd wear this myself but I'm not on a top-rated TV show. Everything fits very nicely, is the best I can offer about this look.


This is a nice twist on her usual sporty look. For some reason, when she went home after school to study with Maya, she changed into this Sporty Spice ensemble. Sadly, it was in this outfit that she and Maya were interrupted by Pam, who then announced she was going to split them up. I don't even like Maya that much, but she makes Emily so happy, it kind of bummed me out.



And here is Emily bummed out. Like... dude--unlaced sneakers, oversized t-shirt. Pull yourself together! But then again, how would you feel if your kinda-GF was shipped off to "juvie camp" without even getting to say goodbye?


But the PLLs snuck around (sometime, off-screen, in between their other dramas this week) to set up a secret romantic rendezvous so Emily could say goodbye to her ladyfriend. See how happy she is? She layered a lace cami with her regular utilitarian sportswear! Happy Emily dresses so much nicer than sad Emily. 




Know Your Frenemies - Part 2 of 3 - Red Rover, Red Rover

Oh, Hanna. Everybody else got to change their outfits, but she got out of her wheelchair and into this blazer and did not change clothes until the very end.  TAKE OFF THAT FUG BLAZER. But I guess she was too busy chasing A and reliving her bulimic past to worry about clothes.

First up... the miraculous recovery!

Ladies and gentlemen, Hanna Marin! Hit by a car? That was episodes ago. No cast, no limp, no obvious injuries (other than a need to wear flats, rather than heels). Cute red skirt, right? Blazer seems... normal, right? Just wait until she turns around:

OK, props to ABC Family for trying to cover up this DON'T with their logo. Seriously, every time I went to take a screencap, there was the channel's name covering up her butt. So I will attempt to describe. See how it looks like there's a little red triangle in the small of her back? That's her skirt poking through because her jacket has "tails" - voluminous, flowy tails AND shoulder pads. It is a monstrosity AND they don't let her change at all for this whole PLL day!

Luckily, she pulls out the heavy-duty accessories to save the outfit. And yes, I do mean HEAVY duty:

This ring fought valiantly with Aria's earrings to steal the whole episode.  We got A LOT of close-ups of Hanna's hands as she picked up stray $100 bills and forced herself to eat a box of cupcakes. This ring is so massive, it's practically body armour. Not sure how easy it would be taking notes in class, but when have we ever seen Hanna in a classroom anyway? She accessorizes the ring with mismatched nailpolish - some red, some black. I like that Hanna's veering into edgier territory. 


Oh, and then there's this:

Hefty Hanna returns! I read an interview where the actress was so excited to get to wear a fat suit and... this is it? Really? She literally looks like they shoved a pillow down her shirt.

When they FINALLY let her change clothes, she slips into this sequin-sleeved adorable number. See the little side braid on her right side? Cute. The Little J-style eyeliner? A little less cute.


Also wearing red this episode was Emily's LOVAH, the bohemian Maya.  I like her lightweight cardigan, and the way she's mixed the maroon stripey cardigan with the red shirt. The layered necklaces compliment the whole look, and I like that they're not too heavy. So far, an uncharacteristically attractive outfit on Maya.



Oh, hello ill-fitting cutoffs. Here she is, making the walk of shame from Emily's room after Pam busted them for playing footsie and giggling while studying. She is carrying a pair of fierce, high-heeled (and possibly over-the-knee) boots which I am glad we didn't actually see her wearing with the shorts. Those boots with those shorts? Kind of like a little kid playing dress-up.


But she puts on full-length pants, a fabulous Navajo-style belt, and a cute, military-inspired vest for her candlelit farewell to Emily. So long, Maya. 

Considering how liberal Maya's parents have been described, I'm surprised they let Pam bully them into sending Maya away. I'm not a big Emily/Maya 'shipper, but the scene with the candles was sweet. And, is it me, or might they have totally Done It too? This episode was sexing it up all over the place.


Now, Mr. Fitz was not literally wearing red, but he was sure seeing red when he realized what a psycho Noel Kahn turned out to be. Still, he kept his cool wearing an AMAZING retro outfit:


LOVE IT. Now, I can't imagine an actual high school teacher dressing this way, but it works for Mr. Fitz. He's a young teacher, probably trying to look grown-up... and I'm a sucker for men in vintage suits. Actually, I was never really a fan of Mr. Fitz but he's starting to remind me a little of a young Don Draper:

"Peggy, get me my scotch. I'm going to win us a big account today."


Like Hanna, he wears the same thing for almost the entire episode. Unlike Hanna, he is wearing less and less of it as the day wears on.


"Oh, hey, Aria. I'm just hanging out at home, loosening up my tie, untucking my shirt..."

"And now, inspired by Maya, I will light this candle so we can Totally Do It. Or did we already? What happened to my vest and tie?"


The next day, when he's going to tender his resignation (...or does he?) he's still looking retro-preppy, but a bit less costume-y.


Oh, yes, and Ian also wore red this episode: This is the red t-shirt he wore while cooking breakfast in a vaguely threatening, opening-credits-of-Dexter manner in front of Spencer. OMG this guy is TOO CREEPY.



Know Your Frenemies - Part 3 of 3 - Purple Rain

Other than the creeptastic return of the tape Alison made with Ian, Alison's only other appearance this week was in Hanna's flashback. In this scene, Alison is acting nicer to Hanna than I think we've ever seen. She also knocked it out of the park with this sweet purple ruffle-sleeved top (dress?) with a wide black belt. The fact that it emphasized how slim she is, I'm sure, not a coincidence:

Wait, no it's not! She's acting sweet as candy while teaching her overweight friend how to become BULIMIC. That girl is a piece of work, but this flashback does show us a little bit more how much manipulative power she had over the other PLLs.


This week, we also see the many sides of Spencer. Pajama Spencer! Sportswear Spencer! And my fave, Loungewear Spencer!

Prior to this episode, I had assumed that Spencer spent her time at home wearing cloche hats and jodhpurs. So, it's a nice surprise to see she does her studying in sweatpants and funky socks like a normal teen. I mean, I'm sure the pants are cashmere and the socks are made of wool spun from her family's herd of alpacas, but it's good to see her unwind for a change.


But what would this show be without Spencer's insane prepster-on-speed awesomeness? Behold: Ruffle-front bird-print dress with riding boots and blazer:


Do you see how the birds are like, 2X life-size all over the dress? And check out the neckline:

It's like she left a napkin tucked in from eating a lobster, but girlfriend is working it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my pick for best outfit of the episode. And I haven't even mentinoed the velvet detail on the blazer:

Marry me, Spencer's outfit. Seriously.


Later, she changes into a gorgeous navy blue shirtdress paired with an equestrian-style brown belt: 

I think it might be corduroy. Somehow she pulls off this country-club matron crossed with Audrey Hepburn as an equestrian look and makes it look modern and hip. I would suggest it is genetics, but here's what her sister Melissa looks like, attempting a similar look: 

I'm not sure how old Melissa is supposed to be, but I'm pretty sure it's not 60. Although, what kind of 20something newlywed buys an ovulation kit? Is it that crucial to know when she's ovulating? I guess that's part and parcel of eloping with Creepy Ian.


I don't have anything for Ashley (Hanna's Mom) this week. None of her outfits stood out very much this week. However, Pam (Emily's Mom) stepped up to the plate of PLL Mom Fashion Fabulousness. Homophobia aside, Pam gets snaps for working these fierce suede peep-toe platforms inside the house: 

I know we were supposed to be horrified at her going through Maya's backpack, but I was too busy trying to get a good look at those sweet shoes. It looks like a beige/grey suede with at least a 4" heel. Goes to show how important keeping up appearances are in the Fields' household.


Mini Recap: Know Your Frenemies

The thing I can't get over--how did Hanna get her leg cast off so fast?! And oh yeah...Aria and Ezra heat things up. 

Drama-rama du jour
Melissa and Ian's abrupt marriage gets even creepier. 

Best Outfit
Aria's school-and-study outfit of detailed leather jacket paired with a tank and perfectly layered necklaces (love those). 

"A" Message
Again this week quite a few good ones. The best: "A is for Alison, not amateur." 

Current "A" suspect
The girls were still suspecting Noel, but is now shifting towards Ian. 


Ann is recapping all the liar-y goodness this week. Check back Thursday!