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The Perfect Storm - Part 1 of 1 - The Ensemble

Episode Synopsis: It's that time of the year again! No, not Christmas. SAT time! (Did you hear the sarcasm in that? I hope so.) The girls are about as thrilled about the SATs as I would be - Spencer gets even scarier, for one. But the looming test (you know, the one that basically decides their future) is put on hold when a storm hits Rosewood. Stuck at school, they all run into trouble that seems to follow them everywhere. Aria gets close to Noel, only to have to confront her relationship with Ezra. Emily confronts old demons and finally comes out to her friends after the discovery of an old letter she had written to Ali. Veronica comes clean to Spencer about an "imperfection", but also (essentially) gives Spencer and Alex her blessing. Hanna stands up to Mona and defends Lucas, who may or may not want more than friendship. All while a storm rages, Wilden snoops, and Ashley and Byron have a moment while stuck at the Marins' in the dark. Oh, and someone destroyed Ali's memorial - but it wasn't Emily, and it was possibly Lucas...hmm.


Since our Liars & Co. were stuck in one building for (almost) the entire episode, we're sticking them in one post for this recap. Seems appropriate.

Alex may have the most uninteresting outfits ever, but he's so adorable I can't fault him for his endless collection of hoodies.


I love Ali's outfits - of the five, she obviously had the best grasp on fashion at their age. The floral skirt and coral tank top are summery, and perfect for her age.



Boring T-shirt that she probably borrowed from Emily. But I love her nail polish.


Love, love, love this on Aria. The silhouette of the dress is fantastic on her, I'm a sucker for lace/patterned tights, and the boots are juxtaposed nicely. I especially love the grommet detailing on the dress.


Ashley always manages to look so well put together, even if she's just lounging at home during a storm. Love the color on her, it complements her hair well.


I'm not even sure if I should be including Byron because his outfits are always a bore. No exception here. But I was always curious about what could have happened between him and Ashley.


The paisley print top is not as flattering on her as it could be… I'm almost tempted to ask her to take lessons from Ashley.


Emily had the most outfits of anyone this episode, yet none of them were interesting…at all. The first was a dirt-stained yellow cap sleeve top and green cargos. The dirt makes it interesting, seeing as Ali's memorial was destroyed that night…


Too much jersey fabric in one place - though she does look comfortable.


Plaid and shorts. Boring.


Zip-up and shorts. Less boring because the top's color looks awesome with her skintone.


Rain-soaked, disapproving-expression Ezra is definitely preferable to no Ezra. His outfit seems to be the norm - slacks, sweater vest, collared shirt and tie.


The SATs aren't too high on Hanna's priority list, but comfy-yet-still-chic dressing definitely is.


Again, comfy-yet-stil-chic. The stretchy jersey fabric will mean she's focused on figuring out those math problems instead of her uncomfortable dress, and the sequined detailing adds interest.


And I love her trench coat even more - the color is perfect, the grommet detailing on the belt is cute, and the buttons are awesome.


Are those dirty shoes I spot? Other than that piece of possibly incriminating evidence, Lucas' outfit is mostly boring.


This is How Not to Dress for a Test, but other than that, Mona's outfit is lovely. The loud print is toned down by a black coat and wide belt, accessorized with awesome cranberry wedge booties, and other than the tacky gold details on her bag (Hanna once owned this? Really?), Mona's completely forgone the garish accessories.


Noel's outfit was painfully boring, as per usual. Some quick math - Noel + outfit = bored YKYLF writer. But Noel + outfit + guitar? Drool.


Fitted plaid shirt that does not look like it belongs in Dan Humphrey's closet means Spence gets an A+ in dressing for study sessions.


Comfort is key, I suppose? Although I wish she'd added some color to her outfit - it's painfully monochromatic.


I feel like we almost always see Veronica in a black skirt, pearls, and/or cardigan. Anyone else with me?
This line, however, was hilarious and deserves a mention: "I can't. God, I miss food. Eat some butter for me, will you?".


Trench coat, knotted scarf, and skirt…nothing out of the ordinary here. But the leopard umbrella is très fabuleux.


I am not liking Wilden in the slightest…even moreso because he wears uninteresting outfits and doesn't even bother to wear slightly interesting ties.