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A Tale of Two Parties - Part 1 of 2 - Girls Gone Mild

Naomi realized that she was in love with Max (again) and planned Madison's bachelorette party, devising a plan to make the little blonde look bad, only to realize that Madison is an innocent lamb. Madison's party included Adrianna singing about Dixon, Silver realizing she wanted a baby, Annie sitting around doing nothing, and Madison breaking an enormous fishtank while she was drunk. Max's bachelor party included some of Annie's ex-friends (aka escorts), Austin framing the blonde escort (what is her name?) for the sorority house fire, Caleb getting so drunk he danced on a pool table, and Navid and Liam incessantly fighting over Silver. Ivy was heartbroken that Diego was on the run, so she found him and decided that he should become a priest to escape the police. Oh, right. Everyone ended up at the polic stateion. Just a regular weekend in the 90210.


I had to start off the week with a great group shot. This happened around the time where Madison smashed a huge fish tank with a hammer and got arrested. Oopsie. Let's focus on the non-disasters: the slit in Silver's dress, the mini handbag Annie carried around, the fact that Naomi was wearing a PINK SUIT (and pulled it off), and Adriana's overlapping necklaces. Winners all around.


No, really. I cannot believe Naomi wore a pink suit. She has worn some craaaaazy outfits, but this is definitely one of her best. This could have gone completely wrong, but the black and white blouse she chose to wear underneath is was perfect. Also, she's the only one besides Blair Waldorf who can pull off a headband. Maybe it's a HBIC thing.




Adrianna looked adorbs for the first time in weeks. She chose colors that suited her skin tone well, and wore a messy bun and necklaces to complete the little innocent look she had going on. Silver wore all of her rings (as usual) and a printed dress that I didn't particularly like, but because she's Silver and everything looks good on her, I'll let it slide.


But Annie's dress was my fave. She decided to dress as a good girl to make up for Caleb's behavior (not so priest-like...), and I realized something -- Annie should cut her hair! About 5 inches shorter, and she would look more sophisticated and less schoolgirl.


Side note: Naomi's hair and ring had me drooling.


I have trouble being on Naomi's side when I see how cute Madison is with Max. The only consolation is that her outfits are no match for Naomi's. Her first outfit was average -- I loved the skirt, but hated the top. Her second one was... confusing. It was her bachelorette party, and she chose to wear an outfit that looked like it had been stolen from a Victorian painting. Lose the belt, cut the dress, and we MAY have an appropriate outfit.


Well, that covers everyone at the bachelorette party. Let's move on to-

Oh, right. I forgot Ivy.

Ivy decided to be the odd man out (as usual) and arrived wearing a leather jacket and hat only to leave wayyyy before the party ended. She didn't even get to go to the police station! Loser.


At first, I thought, "Ok, this could be a good outfit..." and then she turned around. What is that green dress? I'm confused. The fact that she's in love with Max may cloud her vision, but come on, she's Naomi Clark! She can do so much better than this.


Alright. Who is this girl? I can honestly say I always forget her name. But seeing as these were the three screenshots I managed to snap of her in the entire episode, I think it's safe to say it doesn't matter that I blanked on her name. She's now irrelevant. Buh-bye.


Much more memorable is this outfit from Annie. So annoyed I couldn't get a full body shot. The shirt was one of my favorites (it has beading on the collar!), and I halfway liked the sheer-short-long combo that was going on with her skirt. Shorts? Skort? Someone please help me out here.


Ya know, I've been looking for a new backpack for weeks. New mission: find the one Ivy wore on her hunt for Diego. Also, good thing we have surfer Ivy back with her floral patterned-dresses!


Silver made me smile, like she always does. She may be going through a crisis, but she really doesn't look like it. Yeah, this is a bit of a reverse-mullet skirt (party in the front, business in the back) but then she pilies on the jewelry and just looks so damn cute doing it.

Silver, I wanna be you.


A Tale of Two Parties - Part 2 of 2 - Boys Gone Boring

My two favorite photos from this week's episode were:


In the first one, everyone ends up in jail drunk/heartbroken/ashamed/angry/afraid, and in the second, Silver struts into Liam and Navid's cell to tell them she wants a baby. I'm proud of her for making such a bold statement and having this much self-confidence. Oh, the human drama!


I guess I HAVE to mention the guys' boring button-up, plain white shirt (but no jeans!!!!), and checks.

Great. Now that that's done with....


...we are free to watch Caleb go downhill! And he was a priest, what? 5 minutes ago? Good job Caleb.


And while these two PRETENDED to be gentlemen...


...Max ACTUALLY looked and acted as one throughout the entire episode. I mean, come on, a tuxedo and giving up his jacket in the same episode? Max is on a roll!


He also managed to look nice at his bachelore party, while Navid and Liam tried and failed... and ended up more drunk than Caleb. Which is saying something.

And that's it. That's all I've got. Seriously boys, you've gotta give me more to work with. We've only got one more episode left before the summer...