The Black Hood tells the good people of Riverdale they need to be on their best behaviour if they don’t want anyone else getting killed. Which means, of course, means they absolutely aren’t and the Black Hood is promising to bring the reaping down on the town. Although to be fair, on a show about sexy teens solving sexy mysteries, this was a pretty tame week for them. Jughead does a “favor” for the shady gang lawyer and now owes her even more. With a little help from a slightly creepy Cheryl, the Pussycats are fighting. Chuck Clayton is back in town and wants to date Josie, but gets accused of being her stalker (that “stalker” would be the aforementioned Cheryl. Maybe). Betty is convinced that Sheriff Keller is the serial killer. He’s not. But he is buff AF and having an affair with the mayor at a place called the Shady Palms (get yours Mayor McCoy).

I’m not here for some of Cheryl’s outfits this week. Beaded flowers on a halter and a mini are just feeling super uninspired for her.

Like, I know Cheryl can do better this. She does better almost every week. I do appreciate Josie’s full denim jumpsuit and open-toed booties for a casual rehearsal.

It’s possibly jumpsuit week at Riverdale High because Cheryl does her own version with shorts (honestly, what season are we even in? Didn’t she crash through an icy river not so long ago? Why do I even ask these questions anymore?)

This outfit is much better in my books. I enjoy the subtle military styling on the belt.

As for her final diner outfit, it’s 100% Cheryl Blossom.

Is there another human, fictional or otherwise wearing a crop top with thigh high boots and accessorizing with spiders? If there is, golf claps to them for boldly going there.


I’m really into Josie getting a storyline this week. It means more of her lewks and her solid use of animal prints.

The headband cum crown is also a magnificent accessory. And I’m here for this bejewelled jacket.

Also, it’s not just a storyline for Jose this week: Melody finally speaks!

Val’s sweater is cute, but what I wish I got a better screenshot of was Melody’s lace mustard-colored short shorts than this:

But they were cute. Trust me on this. Also, shout out to Josie for wearing gold shower shoes. Girl never misses an opportunity to showcase her signature style.

Josie’s athleisure isn’t so great, however, and I’m not just saying this because I’m not a fan of athleisure.

I think it’s the giant crotch zipper that has me giving this look a serious head tilt.

Another outfit I wish we got to see more of was this leather jacket with what appears to be pink mohair.

I’m typically anti-quilted leather jackets and anti-mohair, but I’m intrigued by Josie mixing the two together and feel like it somehow works. Sadly, the table and the teen noir lighting at Pop’s ruined any chances of getting a good look at it. 


Betty is doubling down on Bettying this week with a floral embellishment on her sweater.

But I feel like we’ll say that about Betty every week. I guess a big floral is a bold floral for her, so, yay? And it seems that bold zippers are not just limited to crotches this week since Veronica sports a couple of her own. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It seems to be competing with her pearls and she should have one focal point per neckline. While I’m unsure of the bold zippers and pearls together (I guess it gives it edge?), I wish we got more of what appears to be a paisley skirt.

Who lets a half wall get in the way of a cute mini-skirt like that?

She also had the most adorable sleepover (to spy on the Sheriff) with Kevin Keller who teaches her about some kind of D&D/Settlers of Catan/Cones of Dunshire game.

I totally feel her reaction to the rules of the game.

Except I’m never wearing satin jammies with a pearl necklace when I make that face.

In her attempt to spy on the Sheriff for evidence of affairs and/or serial killing, she makes the crucial discovery that he’s got a hot dad bod.

TFW your friend catches you ogling his dad.


And while Veronica’s dry cleaning is almost all darks, she gave us a pop of pastel colours with this adorable lemon sweater.

It’s like Betty is rubbing off on her with that number. What I’m wondering is what kind of skirt would Veronica wear with that? I imagine short and flared and completely un-Betty.


As I mentioned, Betty is bringing the Full Betty this week, which also means going full Nancy Drew cover.

The bird print is super subtle and adorable.

I do love that they gave her a teeny bit of edge with a pale pink moto jacket when she goes full Veronica Mars on the Sheriff.

I believe I can safely say that the jacket is Marshmallow Approved.


A few screenshots not related to our main characters, but still worth reviewing. I’m not sure what’s up in Riverdale, but apparently there is an underground evil European element.

They are currently our most stylish criminals to date, going for evil post-WWII style.

Also, Jughead often veers towards better judgement than Archie, but trusting this lawyer is definitely not one of those moments.

She’s basically the least professional lawyer ever. But maybe that’s what happens when a gang pays for law school. She’s got a pantsuit or something for court though, right?