This week Betty goes full PLL and starts playing games with a psycho (including going to abandoned houses to pick up psycho presents) with a little help from Archie. Jughead joins a gang. Bughead is seriously on the rocks and I am not happy about this. Jingle Jangle continues to spread through the young folk of town, with even Archie getting in on the action. The Pussycats are still the only band in town for all manner of events (also, does Melody speak? Do we need a #FreeMelody campaign?). And Veronica’s NYC pal turns out to be a sexual predator.


So, for starters, I really need to talk about the moms of Riverdale. They brought their A-game. Hermione Lodge has a solid blouse game — I like the blue and black color blocking. I feel like Veronica knows that her mom has the advantage at this family breakfast.

She also kills it in white at their “SoDale” redevelopment project.

Not pictured is Daddy Lodge’s ascot, which I’m here for.

After Betty takes the dare from the serial killer and exposes her mom as — gasp — a former South Sider (who also had dealings with the Serpents), does Alice Cooper put on a wine cardigan and hide away from Riverdale society? Hell no.

Get it, girl.


This wasn’t my favourite Veronica week. I was feeling a lot of 80s influences and that’s never been my favourite decade sartorially speaking (maybe because I have actual memories of it?). Having said that, I can’t complain about this number, which is perhaps one of the most Veronica-iest mixes of a big collar, brocade and a pearl.

It’s the off the shoulder crop top with a plaid skirt that I don’t love.

It’ll take a lot to convince me that a structured off the shoulder look is a good one. I’m wondering if she’s got the 80s vibe because her NYC buddy is a total Steff, but less charming.

Riverdale’s Budget Steff does explain one thing to me: rich white dude sweaters.

Apparently, they start ‘em young.

Another Veronica look I’m not completely feeling this week is this one.

The floral skirt is dreamy, but the plunging v-neck blouse is a snoozer, even with the signature drop pearl.

Her party dress is a delight with its overlay of sheer florals.

Made even better when you realize it has a red belt.

The sweetheart neckline is doing nothing for me though. It gives me 80s vibes. I’ll forgive it if you tell me this dress has pockets.

When she does an LBD, it feels very junior prom in the late 80s and rather uninspired.

I guess the skirt does provide enough roominess to kick the ever loving shit out of a sexual predator.

He picked the wrong girlfriend to roofie. Pussycats are having none of his Chuck Bass level private schooler date rape shit. And considering today’s climate, I think we could all use one more screenshot of that.

Get it, girls. But Betty takes this even further by handing Chuck Bass Lite over to the serial killer. Too far?


Speaking of Pussycats, can we take a moment to appreciate Josie’s jacket?

That much fringe needs to be celebrated.


This week, Cheryl is mostly here to remind us that she has the best hair this side of Connie Britton.

She also defies seasons in short shorts at school. 

Fortunately for Cheryl, Riverdale High doesn’t have the same draconian school dress codes that I’ve been seeing in the news where they pull you out of class for “distracting boys and male faculty” (insert hard eye roll here).

She does, however, bring it with this LBD.

I think there may be feathers on the skirt, proving once again that Cheryl will always be one of the best dressed at any event.


Betty is the Bettiest this week with her pastels as she gets a taste of what it’s like to be a teen girl in Rosewood. I really enjoyed the bedazzling on her sweater.

She’s also not having any of this jingle jangle nonsense and fun that other teens are having. And she’s doing it in an ill-fitting tank.

Perhaps the stress of playing a serial killer’s game is getting to her.

I mean, wearing his mask in an abandoned house can’t be easy on you.

Or perhaps it’s the break up of Bughead by proxy that’s getting her down. I know I’m feeling it (I may be overly invested in those two). I definitely know Jughead is feeling it. I mean, just look at that heartbreak.

Someday, a fan with gif skills will turn that into a gif for me. Until then, I think this covers it.

You really could see the moment where his heart actually breaks. Pretty much exactly what he needed to give him the steely drive to finish off his Serpent initiation of getting physically broken.