In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Greatest Show Ever, let’s take a look at Blair Waldorf. Serena may have been Sunshine Barbie, but Blair was the one we cheered for, and whose clothes we could actually picture ourselves wearing. Blair’s wardrobe was stylized, prim, and perfect, like Audrey Hepburn if Audrey Hepburn were a sexy Pilgrim. We loved it — well, mostly. Here’s everything Queen B ever wore. (And here’s Serena’s post.)


“Pilot” 01×01

This alluring-yet-prim number that she wore to her mother’s party

…back when her mother was someone else.


The Constance uniform, with primary accessories. And the steps of the Met. #iconic

This turtleneck (TURTLENECK!) for martinis with Serena. Sixteen year olds grabbing drinks at a bar…our first clue this was not the average teen soap.

This cardigan and blouse, which is possibly a loose interpretation of the CB uniform.

This teased hair, for her “Kiss on the Lips” party. I mean…Blair! With teased hair!


“The Wild Brunch” 01×02

This impractical sleepwear.

This lingerie, ideal for a bride on her wedding night. Or a sixteen year old on a Saturday morning.

This eyelet dress and a hair bow ripped from a gift package.


“Poison Ivy” 01×03

This ruffled shirt and bejeweled bow broach.

This cardigan and…dress? nightgown?

This super prim (and frankly, sort of scary) interpretation of the CB uniform

This suit, which I hated. Was I supposed to ask for an extension on my library books, or perhaps connecting gate information?

This redeeming navy and red shirt and cardi (paired with skinny jeans and green kitten heels, btw.)


“Bad News Blair” 01×04

This outfit, for the first-ever dream sequence.

This luxe navy and aqua nightgown and robe.

This beyond cute dress with saddle shoe-inspired stilettos.

This h-t cream ensemble, worn for lounging about her bedroom with girlfriends.

This retro-flavored Eleanor Waldorf Designs dress.

This dance team dress.

This slightly frumpy shirtdress.

This cute, but non-forgiving dress, worn for a fashion shoot with bestie/frenemy Serena.


“Dare Devil”  01×05

This schoolmarm suit, which Blair wore to plan her sleepover.

This beaded argyle sweater and sweet beige bow.

This can-can costume.

This bell-sleeved dress, for serving martinis at the sleepover.

This smudged lipstick and corresponding top, for pretending to be an Rx junkie.


“The Handmaiden’s Tale” 01×06

The very first appearance of Blair’s velvet robe!

These refreshingly normal shorts (shorts!), paired with a cardi and French blue shirt.

This dominatrix/Marie Antoinette situation.


“Victor/Victrola” 01×07

This gloriously rep-stripe edged blazer.

This flippy skirt and airy, sequin-dot cardigan

This Victorian-adjacent dress, picked out by Eleanor, for Blair’s “engagement” to Nate.

…and the cream negligee underneath, revealed in an onstage striptease for Chuck.


“Seventeen Candles” 01×08

This hat with veil, worn for church confessional.

…worn with a pencil skirt to end all pencil skirts.

This dreamy tule dress, worn for her seventeenth birthday party. Note empty space at her neckline, waiting to be filled by a diamond necklace.


“Blair Waldorf Must Pie!” 01×09

Flashback! This is what Blair wore for last year’s Thanksgiving bar-hopping. Look at that stick-straight hair.

Present day Blair, all growed up in curls and a silky dress.

Flashback!Blair’s Thanksgiving dinner dress…

…and this year’s Turkey Day dinner ensemble. One of our favorite Blair outfits ever, tbh


“Hi, Society” 01×10

GOD. Blair wears rich navy and red so well. Here’s her debutante ball rehearsal ensemble…or is it a reinterpreted C-B uniform?

Followed by maybe one of five times we’ve had a jeans sighting on either S or B.

There’s this lovely-enough plum dress…

Followed by this lovely-enough ivory eyelet dress for the debutante reception.

And lastly, Blair’s most important gown, until she gets married — her debutante gown. Which has an enormous bow perched on her shoulder, like a parrot.


“Roman Holiday” 01×11

Daddy’s coming home for Christmas! Blair and her candy canes couldn’t control their excitement.

You need to see her jeweled headband.

She wore this for forced merriment with her dad and his boyfriend.

And this monstrosity for Christmas Eve. It’s, like, a horrible, puffy ornament, topped with her worst headband ever.

And for Christmas morning, B channels Minnie Mouse.


“School Lies” 01×12

Continuing with the Minnie Mouse theme…

That verboten school pool party was followed by a parade of preppiness, which we’ll present here without further comment:


“A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate” 01×13

This black patent leather (patent leather?  Really, Blair?) trench with those shoes that can’t decide if they’re boots or pumps. Clearly she was under severe emotional stress. Might have something to do with the pregnancy test in her right hand.

This pale lavender peignoir, the ruffles, the smocked bodice — it smacks of innocence.

This outfit with two coats, and a bag large enough to hold twins.

This matchy headband-coat action.

This fussy, SAD outfit. Yes, those are anklets, and yes those are flats.


“The Blair Bitch Project” 01×14

This soaked dream sequence a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

These prison-striped PJs.

The time she went incognito by taking a page from the Amish.

This delicate black dress.

This chartreuse headband and jeweled bracelet, with a wee ring.

This striped blouse topped with a classic blazer.


“Desperately Seeking Serena” 01×15

This is when Blair tried to sabotage Nelly Yuki!

This yellow coat — DYING.

But the orange (and footless, btw) tights are an “oh honey, no.”

This navy and red dotted action (seeing a pattern!), which she wore to her SAT soiree for the Mean Girls.

Nothing says spying like argyle paired with a cape.

This simple blue and white striped silk kimono-inspired lounger is lovely, and lovely on Blair. But of course, she’s never fully dressed without a headband.

For the SAT itself, Blair went the super profesh route.


“All About My Brother” 01×16

This marvelous bag, which almost matched her headband.

And now for something completely different, a brown pencil skirt with a pewter shirt. At least the squad coordinates?

This killer queen lewk.

A lacy black peignoir and negligee, perfect for comforting your BFF who only just remembered that she possibly maybe killed her dealer.


“Woman on the Verge” 01×17

This full-on retro chic ensemble for a night of searching through every NYC club/bar/dive for the currently missing Serena. Note the brown studded headband.

Here, take another look at the mustard dress.

B continues the retro streak with this midnight blue beaded cocktail dress, worn for Lily’s rehearsal dinner.


“Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing” 01×18

Nothing gets Blair out of bed like a diabolical scheme! She mixes patterns effortlessly, combining a red and white patterned dress with a beige and green coat in a larger print. A red and green headband tops her wonderful hair, and a large yellow purse neatly pulls the ensemble together.

Did you love this or loathe it? The large flower concealing the halter neck along with the flower on her headband, the ribbon tie heels and the dress’ bubble skirt…it’s a lot of look.

This charming little number for Blair and Chuck’s doomed trip to Tuscany.


“Summer, Kind of Wonderful” 02×01

Alighting from the Jitney, slightly disheveled in shorts, blouse, hunter green bag, and headband.

This retro swimsuit, for regaling tales of her new beau James Marcus.

More retro flair, this time in a green leaf patterned shift.

…accessorized by a matching headband and some tears. Cheer up, B! You’re summering in the Hamptons!

This ultimate summer chic outfit, in which she uttered her best line, ever.

“Damn that Motherchucker!”

This white-eyelet bandage dress, which might be the best she’s looked on this entire show.

This outfit was witness to yet another classic Blair line: “Three words, eight letters…”


“Never Been Marcused” 02×02

Utterly adorable in a yellow and ivory ruffled blouse and wide leg, high-waisted orange shorts.

Back in Manhattan, she’s in another creamisicle-reminiscent outfit. So sweet!

This toile printed bow. Assuming there’s a dress under there.

And then this babydoll nightie, which actually looks comfy.


“The Dark Night” 02×03

This angelic eggshell blouse and blue and taupe gauzy wrap.

This mustard gown for a party benefiting…something. It doesn’t matter.

…topped with this incredible beaded headband.


“The Ex Files” 02×04

This choirboy robe, punctuated with a black rose and jeweled headband. This is for school.

This highly accessorized gym uniform, for field hockey time.

Serena forgot to accessorize.

This colorful dress, accessorized with a lingering summer tan.

These shades of mustard.

This belt-buckle headband with pencil skirt and multi-pearled bracelet.


“The Serena Also Rises” 02×05

This nunnery-ready outfit.

Hair is on point, tho.

This acid green crown with navy trimmed cardigan, and a light yellow and blue scarf. And chicken soup.

This adorable yet sexy black ruffled romper.

This airy white and blue dress, with a headband plunked on her head as an afterthought.


“New Haven Can Wait” 02×06

My Fair Lady, pre-makeover.

This ruffled shirt. Wait, no. This is a nightgown. My bad.

This outfit, designed to make her  fit in at Yale – as part of the foliage.

This green dress with enormous sweater, oversized bow, and red tights.

This outfit, which we can only guess was worn as part of dare.


“Chuck in Real Life” 02×07

This prim white blouse full of interesting details, with a scarf as headband, a la her occasional BFF, SvdW.

This polka dot dress, with a few strands of pearls and loose, sleek waves.

This floaty silk peach blouse and straight locks.

Her favorite white transparent negligee with a sweet yet sexy lilac silk romper.

This dress (that Chuck bought her before their ill-fated trip to Tuscany) with a too-bulky headband. Is that a tumor growing on her scalp?

And underneath, for Chuck’s eyes only…


“Pret-a-Poor-J” 02×08

This olive green top and translucent amber bangle, worn during a dirty dream staring one motherchucker.

Back in the waking world, this ruffled nighty with textured roses. How is this comfortable sleepwear?

This houndstooth skirt (with side buttons for flashing a little leg), with a sheer check blouse.

This drapey purple dress.

This little black teddy, complete with some extreme nape of the neck flashing.

This high-waisted purple skirt, emerald blouse, and metallic shoes.

This charming dusky pink and black dress .


“There Might Be Blood” 02×09

This bright crimson satin gown, complete with ruffles and tucks.

This stunning sequined slip dress with coordinating sweater.


“Bonfire of the Vanity” 02×10

This black and pink ensemble, worn for planning her eighteenth birthday.

A little bright lippie with a drab dress.

This beret and businesslike ascot, with pointy green shoes.

This pretty floral halterneck and a flowing ponytail.

This fantastic pink and black houndstooth top.

This dark negligee and robe set.

This salute to Elizabeth I.

This lime, cream, and brown, skirt with statement buckle and a simple top.


“The Magnificent Archibalds” 02×11

This typical tailored plaid uniform. with braids and a slight wave.

This swingy skirt wth a busy blouse.

This forest green dress for Thanksgiving. Business in the front…

…sex kitten in the back.

This periwinkle coat and rich brown satchel, for wandering the streets of New York with Dorota.


“It’s a Wonderful Lie” 02×12

This grey and black argyle cape, which we sadly do not have a better picture of.

This ascot-effect blouse with a banana yellow belt.

This billowy mustard ruffled blouse, a bold pattered skirt, a pair of sexy Loubtoutin peeptoes.

This flawlessly fitted ballgown with a structured bodice and flowing skirt in soft blues and greys. Fashion’s interpretation of lonely clouds, or whatever. Accessorized with the necklace Chuck gave her in season one. #continuity


“O Brother, Where Bart Thou?” 02×13

This fantastic pleated fan dress for Eleanor and Cyrus’s wedding.


“In the Realm of the Basses ” 02×14

This skirt suit with kitschy puff sleeves and boxy red Dior bag.

This quilted red coat.

And this teal tweed coat, with a blouse collar that probably demanded its own trailer.

This majestic diamante collared shift dress avec beret. And a coat that swallows the look whole.


“Gone With the Will” 02×15

This deep plum coat and black Lady Dior bag.

This grey fitted skirt with a beautiful white silk printed blouse.

This negligee-flavored dress, for her “not a date” with Chuck. Mm-hmm.


“You’ve Got Yale” 02×16

This pink plaid blazer, topped with a patterned winter white coat.

This sugar plum fairy dress and random blue headband. This is followed with a hot pink bed jacket.

This… dress? Or is it a blouse and a skirt?

Either way, she topped it with more plaid.


“Carnal Knowledge” 02×17

This orange double-breasted coat with a very flattering empire waist.

This school uniform with blue brocade skirt.

This overly shiny top…

…paired with a peacock blue coat.

This cream and navy shell and cardigan set.


“The Age of Dissonance” 02×18

This textured cut-out dress for a production of Age of Innocence. The puffed shoulders and body-con dress say “cocktail hour,” though, rather than “tea and cakes.”

This flouncy headband, billowy cream blouse with black lace overlay, and a sequinned black and grey skirt.


“The Grandfather” 02×19

This classy/sexy black silk teddy and peep-toes, worn while hanging out with Carter, drinking scotch in the middle of the day.

This patterned trench with stolen sunglasses.

This navy and white bandage dress with sequined cardigan and pearls entertwined with nautical gold necklace.


“Remains of the J” 02×20

These flowing curls, a tweed coat, darling cloche, dinky bowtie, and more pouting than you can shake a stick at.

This soft sweater that was not meant to be tucked.

This black and silver embroidered dress she almost wore to Jenny’s party.

This dress, with electric blue detail and super skintight fit.

This black scratch coat with purple hat, for wandering aimlessly around the park.


“Seder Anything” 02×21

Yet another My Fair Lady dream sequence. Eliza before…

…and Eliza after.

This ruffled black lace nightgown.

This skirt and blouse ensemble, a cross between UES Princess and Mondo Guerra from Project Runway.

This outerwear the color of split pea soup.

With her 90th Lady Dior bag.

This purple and gray watercolor effect dress.

…with this tumor-like headband.


“Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” 02×22

This beautiful black and white woven coat and hunter green purse, over a flouncy mustard blouse. The tribal print on her skirt is very chic and calms down all that mustard.

This coat and beret, her designated espionage outfit.

This pretty black and pink dress with black and pink belt.

This mint green and gold curtain.

…which she wore under this bright yellow coat.


“The Wrath of Con” 02×23

This episode had some repeats, since it picked up where the last one left off.

The bright yellow empire-waisted coat, again.

This luxurious cream coat with touches of baby blue. Golf claps for the nice departure from bold colors.

This romantic blouse, with pearls, and a bow. Plus pencil skirt, with another bow atop her pink pencil skirt. The entire outfit is a few shades past the twee-line.

This gorgeous clingy black dress, with lace inserts at the collar.

…which she paired with this blue coat.

“Valley Girls” 02×24

This shapeless black sack dress, accessorized by the arrival of a bespoke Marchesa prom dress from Paris.

Said Marchesa prom dress, with citrine ring and gold crown. Don’t call it a tiara — that’s an EFFING CROWN.


“The Goodbye Gossip Girl” 02×25

Chunky shoes, red tights, blue cardigan, multicolor top, yellow headband….did Blair go shopping with Vanessa?

This gorgeous, 1910s-flavored ensemble.

Closeup of the jeweled headband and necklace.

So. Much. Mustard.

This green swing coat, plus tights with open-toed shoes.


“Reversals of Fortune” 03×01

This adorable summer dress, with shades of 1950s housewife.

This dress, which looks hot and itchy.

…worn with these heavy shoes.

This pretty and light ensemble, for a polo match.

Closeup of her cloche, featuring the peony (B’s favorite flower).


“The Freshman” 03×02

This dress, borrowed from a politician’s wife. Which she wore to freshman orientation. At NYU.

This purple dress, with another high neckline. COLLEGE! Loosen up B!

This pleated blouse with coordinating floral skirt.

These leggy mustard shorts with patterned blouse. This almost works for college.

This sporty striped dress, with necklace reminiscent of a dog collar.


“The Lost Boy” 03×03

This very pleated, mustard (MUSTARD!) blouse.

These boy shorts and this unflattering camisole.

Which was hidden under this fabulous, inky blue trench coat.

This Heidi braid with shiny dress.

This very delicate camisole, with flowers on her skirt and on her wrist.


“Dan de Fleurette” 03×04

This adorable plaid dress.

With cameo appearance by Hilary Duff’s credits.

This bizarre, sexy libarian outfit which she wore to plan a sleepover for a group of Constance girls and just MOVE ON FROM HIGH SCHOOL ALREADY.

This mustard (drink!) dress with beaded details.

This ruffled blouse, and (probably) lots of double sided tape.


 “Rufus Getting Married” 03×05

Dim sum with this lovely floral dress and a long strand of pearls.

This cute and frilly high-necked blouse.

This ombre dress that goes from pea green to dark puce.


“Enough About Eve” 03×06

This satin romper, to bed.

This nipple dress.

This crime scene skirt, topped with Nana’s blingiest sweater, just right for a bus full of Vegas-bound seniors ready to play the slots.

This scalloped dress.

This dress, fashioned from old brocade curtains and a giant zipper.

…with bright yellow ostrich lunchbox.


“How to Succeed in Bassness” 03×07

This checkered skirt with ruffle blouse and detailed sweater.

This blouse with brooch, and bright pencil skirt.

This cream flapper dress with jet-black accessories


“The Grandfather” 03×08

This very metallic dress and coat.

This ho-hum plum dress.


“They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?” 03×09

This trench, with a slight touch of ruffles.

This dressing drapey dress, with large cuff.

This marvelous red ballgown, complete with a huge bow at the waist.


“The Last Days of Disco Stick” 03×10

This coat, beret, and leggings as pants.


“Treasure of Serena Madre” 03×11

This navy dress.

This charming coat paired with patterned tights, pointed heels, and a splashy red bag.


Followed by this fabulous coat.

This very stiff dress, which has folded itself in such a way that Blair appears to be wearing culottes.


“The Debarted” 03×12

This spectacular pencil skirt and houndstooth shirt.

This worship-worthy coat, complete with knife pleats.

This completely mismatched outfit, hastily thrown on when she heard Serena was in the hospital. A brilliant character/costuming moment.


“The Hurt Locket” 03×13

This tailored dress with a big zipper and strong shoulders.

This Anna Karenina cosplay.

This black and sequined one-shoulder dress, with door knocker earrings.

…worn with this sequined coat, ripped off the set of Dynasty.


“The Lady Vanished” 03×14

This mashup of tweed and jewels.


“The Sixteen Year Old Virgin” 03×15

This gorgeous silk robe.

This cobalt coat with a voluminous scarf.

These pieces, that are okay separately, but when joined together, result in the frump.

This chintz dress, with matching napkin tucked into the waist .


“The Empire Strikes Jack” 03×16

This fussy blouse, with fussy cloche.

This dress, with flouncy shoulders and big ass cuff.

…and sexed-up shoes.


<“Inglourious Bassterds” 03×17

This Chanel tote.

…and a dress that’s rather like an ineffective disco ball.

This coat with frilly panniers.

This Matthew Williamson gown with incredible detailing.

I mean, seriously incredible.


“The Unblairable Lightness of Being” 03×18

This peignoir.

This outfit, toughened up with fishnets.

Close-up of Blair’s top, which is way more interesting than initially thought.

This wine dress, about which nothing bad can be said.

This detailed nude dress, for Dorota’s wedding.

Here’s the rest of it, and it has bows.


“Dr. Estrangeloved” 03×19

This colorblock dress with sequined top.

This slightly matronly coat.

This busy boho top, which she possibly borrowed from Vanessa.


“It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World” 03×20

This windswept look.

This lovely periwinkle and cobalt winter wear.

…which covers more periwinkle, this time with polka-dots.

This dress, which appears to be a size too big.

“Ex-Husbands and Wives” 03×21

This slip, with multiple dress possibilities surrounding her.

This fun Marc Jacobs dress.

This modest flower print dress.

This…bathrobe? And a purse that she perhaps uses in the dorms as a shower caddy?

This very Scarlett O’Hara gown, with multiple bustles.


“Last Tango Then Paris” 03×22

This nice patterned dress with a very flattering cut, and a lime bag which picks up the details in the dress.


But when paired with lemon shoes…she starts to resemble a 7-UP can.


This body-hugging skirt and forgiving top.


This sailor cosplay.





“Belles de Jour” 04×01

This kind of cute dress which has like, 12 different patterns.


This outfit, from Forever 21’s line for intergalactic warrior princesses.

This delightfully springy ensemble, which was sadly glossed over during a montage.

This meh dress with sparkly accessories, worn for a casz afternoon at Musée d’Orsay.

This is when she met Prince Louis, so she should probably just burn it.

This dress of sparkles, from Arden B’s line for mobster wives.


“Double Identity” 04×02

This twee statement butterfly necklace.

This sophisticated cream dress.

This dress and hair, for popping into prom at a local high school.

This uber dramatic gown. Circle snaps.

This fun one-shouldered polka dot number, with super sleek hair.


“The Undergraduates” 04×03

This tailored dress, punctuated with leopard print and her Hamilton House* key.

*The super-secret Columbia society whose members wore big-ass keys announcing their admittance. If only the musical had debuted a few years earlier, we would’ve had gems like:

Only nineteen but my mind is older
These New York City streets get colder,
I shoulder
Ev’ry Gucci, ev’ry Louis


This two-print floral dress with dreamy periwinkle bag, and aforementioned Hamilton House key.

This dress, possibly made entirely of sequins.


“Touch of Eva” 04×04

This dress, which at first seems ok, but upon closer inspection, appears to be Betty Draper’s old house dress, with a very decorated belt.

This dress, which is a pretty color, but hangs weird.


“Goodbye, Columbia” 04×05

This summer dress. Or maybe it’s a skirt and top.


This throwback to her “politician’s wife” phase.

This very detailed dress.

 With exposed zipper back.


“Easy J” 04×06

This Wait Until Dark dream sequence wear.

This starchy outfit, which probably makes noise when she walks.

This pretty robe, with glowing skin.

This shimmery neutral dress.

These are masculine yet sexy PJs.


“War at the Roses” 04×07

This shades-of-Chanel outfit.

This drapey dress.


“Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” 04×08

This plaid jacket, which highlights the pouf on the front of her skirt in a weird sort of way.

This cute bird print blouse.

This gown, which is a bit a bit too springy for a fall event.


“The Witches of Bushwick” 04×09

This age-appropriate black lace-printed dress.


This cute lingerie.


This brocade and burgundy dress.


This red negligee.


This great jacket.



“Gaslit” 04×10

This polarizing dress, for contemplating pie. Love/hate? Can’t decide.

This dark hunter green and mustard (!) bag.


“The Townie” 04×11

This checkered coat, Eugenia Kim beret, lace tights, and parfait Giuseppe Zanotti two-tone pumps.




This silk top with lace insets and tweed skirt. The lace insets on the sleeves match her lace tights, which is some varsity-level coordination.


Plus this charming bow necklace.


This festive red-and-black tweed dress.



“The Kids Are Not Alright” 04×12

This gorgeous black ensemble with cream pussy bow and beaded sleeve accents.

This sumptuous scarf and olive coat.

This very beaded gown and very heavy necklace.


“Damien Darko” 04×13

This muddled B&W dress for her first day as an intern at W magazine.

With this white coat, lace tights, and two tone pumps. So fussy, no?

This black party dress with ruching and an asymmetrical sleeve, and Wonder Woman-worthy cuff.


These bright orange PJs with Chinese flower designs on the sleeves.

More lace tights and bright pink high-waisted shorts.

Closeup of embellished cardigan.


“Panic Roommate” 04×14

This ruffled mustard (!) de la Renta blouse with unfinished edges, and Bensoni skirt.


This Bensoni camel coat with slightly puffed shoulder and fuller skirt, mahogany leather gloves, and ombre scarf of perfection.


This meh brick red coat with cute Marc Jacobs clutch.


This orange halter neck Versus dress , which does not go with that necklace.


Beige Valentino cardigan with shoulder tumor.



“It-Girl Happened One Night” 04×15

This structured gold jacket with soft print blouse.


This wool poncho-esque coat worn with placemats.


This shimmering brocade dress, fit to perfection.

And no bra.


“While You Weren’t Sleeping” 04×16

This shimmering sheath.

With shimmering jacket.

Followed with appliqué flowers holding on for dear life to a mesh top.


“Empire of the Son” 04×17

This skirt with oversized pattern, blouse with oversized bow, and necklace with oversized pearls.

This coat with graduated hemline.

This Dior dress and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.



“The Kids Stay in the Picture” 04×18

These fabulous print pajamas and eye mask.

These fabulous print pajamas and robe.

This full skirt with slight pouf, paired with a red patterned blouse and intricately woven and beaded jacket. So Blair.


“Petty in Pink” 04×19

This nightgown slip thing.

This date dress with fitted bodice and poufy skirt

Question: Is a sheer dress really a good choice for a first date with a prince?

This ridiculously comfortable-looking jacket.

This confection of a dress, which looks like it would be fun to twirl in.

Plus this pink princess coat.

With this Swarovski necklace.


“The Princesses and The Frog” 04×20

This robe.

This slip.

This slip.

Finally, some clothes!

I mean, really. Kate Middleton wore something similar, yes?

This jacket and an unfortunate run-in with a spiralizer.


“Shattered Bass” 04×21

This Roman Holiday dream sequence outfit, which never got a long shot.

These orange PJs.

This orange dress with handkerchief hem.

This standout cream coat with military detailing and pop o’ color green scarf.

This ornate — and a bit insane — Alexis Mabille dress, which somehow works on a royal-to-be.



“The Wrong Goodbye” 04×22

Here it is again.

This demure and fresh Balenciaga dress with a clear plastic necklace.


“Yes, then Zero” 05×01

This really cute dress, possibly stamped with vintage travel stickers. Or flags?

Oh. It’s a romper.

This floral dress, with vintage styling.

This floral dress, with sassy pink shoes.


And finally, Sophie’s hand-me-down wedding dress.


“Beauty and the Feast” 05×02

This bright yellow top with bright red lipstick.

And a tablecloth stuck to her backside.

This pretty and pale brocade number.


“The Jewel of Denial” 05×03

This red robe. Or maybe it’s PJs.

This adorable dress with a side of shopping.

This shut-up amazing Jenny Packham dress.


“Memoirs of an Invisible Dan” 05×04

This vintage-y dress.

This skater dress.

These black pajamas.


“The Fasting and the Furious” 05×05

Oh God, no. I hated this.

At least her tank top matches the floral arrangement?

This very large peplum, presumably for hiding her preggo belly.

Blair, you’re like 20 years old, and it’s your first child. You’re not going to pop until week 38.


“I am Number Nine” 05×06

This skirt by Carlos Miele and top by Moschino top. Plus a little yellow hat jauntily perched on her head.

This shapeless Blumarine shift.


“The Big Sleep No More” 05×07

Oh look, another Audrey dream.


This interesting sleepwear. In the event of a fire, she can throw it over some skinny jeans and look cute for the paparazzi as she flees the burning building.

This downright classic leopard print, paired with tasteful accessories.

This nice-enough bronze sequin dress, and a Venetian mask.


“All the Pretty Sources” 05×08

This very disappointing maternity wear.


I can’t even describe how awful…no, can’t go on. I’m taking a break for a few episodes.


“Rhodes to Perdition” 05×09



“Riding in Town Cars with Boys” 05×10



“The End of The Affair?” 05×11

Well, this is ok. It’s a bit season 1, but we’ll let it pass.

YAAAASSSS! Thank you Vera Wang for saving this retrospective!

This giant button atop her head.

This pretty red Naeem Khan.

With this sparkly jacket.


“Father And The Bride” 05×12

This dress, which seems to have lost a sleeve.

This wack DVF coat.

This much more fabulous Olivia Teagler sequined coat.

These piped PJs.


“G.G.” 05×13

Audrey!Blair, playing a role in Serena’s dream sequence.

WTF is on her head?

And her coat looks like a bathrobe.

OMG, this is her wedding day.


We’re good from the neck down. But that hair? NO.


“The Backup Dan” 05×14

These tourist castoffs from an airport mini mall.

This respectable sheath.



“Crazy, Cupid, Love” 05×15

This peignoir, and all the eye makeup.

This tweed vest, which threatens to strangle the airy dress underneath.

This outerwear, with so much red.

This dress, in which you can not raise your arms very high.


“Cross Rhodes” 05×16

This purple and green ensemble.

This purple and green outerwear.


“The Princess Dowry” 05×17

All the black lace.


“Con Heir” 05×18

This bra.

This bra.

This bra.

This bronze trench.

This black trench.

This orange and black dress.

This orange and black dress with a black coat, black and yellow purse, and a present for Dorota.


“It Girl, Interrupted” 05×19

This mustard (!) robe.

This youthful printed dress and pink trench.

This black dress shaped like a sack.

This cupcake costume.

With tiara, obvs.


“Salon of The Dead” 05×20

This bright dress which is just on the wrong side of politician’s wife territory.

This coat, made from my nana’s curtains.

This dress, which…meh. She’s got better hanging in her closet.


“Despicable B” 05×21

This cabana-stripe robe.

This sundress with intriguing white pleats.

Oh, and no back. Wasn’t expecting that.

This Elie Saab.


“Raiders of the Lost Art” 05×22

This ombre silken robe.

This woven blue coat.

This un-Blairlike bodycon dress.

Wait, isn’t this when Liz Hurley came on board? I seem to recall that they all started dressing like her.

This gorgeous khaki trench.


“The Fugitives” 05×23

This robe.

This marvelous yellow coat with bright, autumnal print dress and giant pearls.



“The Return of the Ring” 05×24

This scalloped pink coat.

Plus miniskirt that negates any hopes of sitting down.

This dress, which is just ok.

This jacket that has potential, but needs to be taken in, like, all over.

This striped dress, which also had so much potential.

This orange racerback dress, for stalking Chuck in Monte Carlo.


“Gone Maybe Gone” 06×01

This dowdy double-breasted schmatta.

This super-cute Fendi python bag with outfit from Chico’s.


“High Infidelity” 06×02

These cute pjs.

This pastel getup, for an afternoon rendezvous with the Easter Bunny. Plus, shades of Carrie Bradshaw multi-colored metallic Louboutins.

This sophisticated Marc by Marc Jacobs dress.


“Dirty Rotten Scandals” 06×03

This waxed peplum. Or maybe it’s rubber. But probably not.

This nightgown.

This gorgeous magenta party dress and clutch. So happy!


“Portrait of a Lady Alexander” 06×04

This amaze ICB skirt and horse bit headband.

This preppy equestrian dream.

This Carmen Miranda explosion with green and red loafers.


“Monstrous Ball” 06×05

This Jason Wu dress with t-strap shoes.

This classic Blair dress with detailed back, topped with vintage headband.


“Where the Vile Things Are” 06×06

This feminine cut dress and sad hair.

This metallic tweed coat and grandmother’s needlepoint bag?

This Peter Pilotto soundwave print top and skirt.

With Pile o’ Rocks headband.


“Save The Last Chance” 06×07

This blouse with small scale silver dots, which play nicely with the large medallions on her full skirt.

Topped with a vermillion coat and yet another Lady Dior bag.

This Alexander McQueen plaid tiered dress with Louis Vuitton tassel necklaces.


“It’s Really Complicated” 06×08

Pants! For the first time in so long.

This wallpaper.

This, the most offensive and just plain bizarre outfit she ever wore.

Ever. EV-AR.


“The Revengers” 06×09

This is better. Dream!Blair plops herself into Audrey’s lesser-known 1963 flick, Charade.

(Co-staring Chuck a la Dan Draper.)

These floral print PJs, ready for a day of scheming and plotting. So basically, ready for the average day on Blair Waldorf’s calendar.

This Sonia star print dress. The bold color keeps it from being too twee.

This raspberry beret and wool coat with the contrasting wide lapels.

This patterned blue dress with blocky hem and a thick belt.

Worn with this B&W coat.


“New York, I Love You XOXO” 06×10

Here it is again.

AND NOW. Her stunning Elie Saab wedding dress.

Here, you need to see the whole thing.

Flashback!Blair with weaksauce headband and ho-hum top. #notaccurate

I know we’re comparing party wear to Constance wear, but I think we can see the inconsistencies.

Five years hence, Blair is gorgeous in an oyster cocktail gown, hosting her BFF’s completely unlikely home wedding.

At least the future looks good on B.

And that’s what Blair wore.




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