It’s the season finale, y’all! Maybe even the series finale! So many things too, you guys! I’m pumped!! (Okay, I’ll chill with the exclamation points, I promise…) So Jess is back in L.A. to tell Nick that she’s still in love with him. Cece’s helping Jess with various activities. Schmidt’s helping Nick with other things, and Aly is finishing up with moving into the loft and drops a bit of a bombshell on Winston.

So after deciding to surprise Nick at his book reading, Jess hears him tell the crowd that his two characters will never get together. And because the two characters are based on Jess and himself, Jess realizes that she can’t go through with it and that she won’t be able to live with Nick anymore either.

Sorry about the credits, I swear every time the shot cut to Jess the credits came up. Anyway, I really love this coat/red dress combo. I feel like we’re seeing vintage Jess here. Like season one, nautical Jess. Love it. Sad that these two are getting their signals crossed though…


And back at the loft, Winston is helping Aly finalize her move, when she confesses that she found his Dad, and had his phone number in case Winston wanted to contact him.

I’m digging the Aztec (as per usual), but I’m really loving the roll-neck cardi look on Winnie. Casual cool is his jam, for sure.


Later on, while Jess is packing up, she answers Cece’s phone only to find out that she’s preggers (OMG!), then Aly and Winston find out, and accidentally tell Schmidt… it’s quite the rigamarole.

Jess’s packing wear is on point today also. Denim jacket with a floaty formal dress. A+ from me. I’m also wondering where Winston got that sweater version of the varsity jacket? I’d trade my letters for that in a heartbeat.


After spilling the beans to Nick that Jess is still in love with him, and also hearing through the grapevine that Cece is pregnant, Schmidt rushes home to surprise Cece with a house full of flowers.

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying…

And Jess and Nick finally catch up with each other in the elevator. Then this happens:



So what do you think guys? Is this the end of New Girl? I sure hope not, but if it is, what a way to go out!