This week’s first episode of our double header finds Jess hiding out in Portland with her dad, and they’re helping each other out more than they thought. Winston’s mom visits to meet Aly, and finally learns what Winston really does for a living. Nick and Reagan go to a pharma-party together, and Nick realizes that there is no communication between the two of them, like, at all. And for some reason Schmidt and Cece are hanging around the loft, trying to get involved in everyone else’s business whenever possible.

So it turns out that Jess escaped to Portland to stay with her dad while she works out her feelings for Nick. Unfortunately she goes all Kathy Bates in Misery (hence the title) on him, and won’t leave his side the whole time after injuring him with a newly waxed bowling ball.

I do like Jess’ wine colored satin dress, though it seems unnecessary to wear that long coat inside the house. It can’t be that cold in there, can it? And after days of nursing her dad back to health, she finally opens up and tells her dad that she ran away because she’s still in love with Nick.

Back in L.A., Mama Bish is coming to visit, to meet her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Aly. And as it turns out, Winston has been telling her that he’s still hosting a sports radio show, and making fake broadcasts to send to her. It’s quite elaborate.

I have to say, I can see where Winnie gets his style. A waterfall leather jacket, leopard print, gold jewels and matching nails. Impeccable.

Though his mom was not happy to hear that her baby was putting his life on the line as a police officer, she came around in the end with thanks to Aly. And as it turns out, Winston’s dad was a cop. It’s funny how things come back around.


Speaking of which, in our second recap, Schmidt thinks of using his first name again, and I definitely didn’t see that one coming. Nick and Reagan break up, and Jess’ dad comes in with the assist with Nick and finally gets her back on a plane to L.A.

After finally confessing to divorcing his young wife, Jess’ dad finally has some words of wisdom from Jess, and in return Jess sets him up with a waitress.

I swear I have this same dress, and it’s perfect and simple for grabbing a sundae at the local diner. And after fielding a call from Nick seeking out advice from Jess, dad realizes that Nick is still in love with Jess, too, and rescues Jess from collecting cans off the street and puts her on a plane back home.

Back in L.A. Schmidt contemplates going back to his first name. After bringing Winston in to discuss the name usage, and a very serious discussion, Schmidt slides his new name plate across the table to reveal that his first name is actually Winston. Winston Schmidt. And now we know the reason for this pose:

I’m really digging the aztec coat, parrot plastered hawaiian shirt combo here too. To be honest, I didn’t think you could put both together, but if anyone can, it’s Winnie the Bish.

In the end, after many physical fights, Nick’s somewhat coherent weigh-in, and Cece saying, “I love you, Winston”, but to Schmidt, things are going back to normal, and Schmidt will continue to go by his last name. That whole thing was surreal.

Finale next week, you guys! How this season has flown by!