In the first episode of this week’s roundup, Jess is trying to get friendly with her students, but it backfires magnificently when they realize that Nick, the illustrious author of The Pepperwood Chronicles, is not only her friend and roommate, but also her ex. Schmidt gets a new assistant that anticipates his every move, and Winston and Cece have one last mess around before Cece and Schmidt move into Jaipur Aviv.


After Jess becomes the cool principal, her students do the logical thing and host a dance party in her office.

Is it me or is Jess’ wardrobe erring toward elderly woman knitting in a nursing home? I swear that my grandmother wore the same outfit.

When Jess finally regains control over her students, she’s looking much more age appropriate (even if we can’t see the whole outfit). Also, her hair is to die for here.

On the other end of the spectrum, Winston is helping Cece pack for the big move to the new house. Before they can even get started with the packing though, they discover that Ferguson has been living a double life as Sweatshirt, cat to crazy cat lady across the hall.

Loving this Aztec print top, Winnie. Cece’s packing outfit is on point too. Do you think they coordinated for the big day?


In the second episode this week, Jess is just now realizing that she is the glue holding Nick and Reagan together. Just now.

Reagan even give Jess some expensive jewelry as thanks for all her help with Nick. At least Jess has retained her youthful style here with the black dress and jean jacket.

Nick and Reagan even invite Jess to Socalyalcon, where Jess finally realizes that she just needs to get out to allow Nick and Reagan to work things out for themselves.

That damask curtain dress is awful, but I guess it hides Zooey’s real life baby bump, so I’ll give it a pass. Back with the subtle Peter Pan collar, though, I see…

And quite possible the most amazing part of the episode is finding out that while living in Japan, Aly fell in with the game show crowd and won loads of ridiculous and fantastic prizes.

Including a karaoke machine and an enormous sock monkey. I have a slight obsession with pineapples (weird, I know), so I’m loving this shirt on Winston. I also love how into it he and Aly are. These two are #relationshipgoals for sure.


Another Aztec button down for Winnie. Also, there was a trampoline and a bubble machine. How amazing.

But as these two nearly missed work playing with all the things, they decided to pack it all back into storage. It’s probably for the best.