In “Glue”, Reagan sets Nick up with a reading of his book at a local bookstore, and he literally has to glue the books together. Obviously, Jess helps out and donates the glue from her crafting supply which gets her and Nick high.

They manage to make it to the book store and Nick proceeds to have a nervous/high breakdown until Reagan via Jess talks him down. Jess finds a mini, and better dressed, version of herself to buy the first copy of Nick’s book. Adorbs. Slightly less adorbs is Jess’s plain ol’ black A-line dress, which is fine but nothing special. At least the red cardi dresses it up nicely.

And Winston recruits Cece and Schmidt to help him propose (!!!) to Aly. At least for step one of his 20 part plan to propose in true Winston style.

Romantic and crazy as ever, Cece and Schmidt take Aly to the drop-off for Winston, looking fly as always in a grey bomber/hawaiian shirt combo. LOVE. IT. ALL.


In our Valentine’s day ep, we finally get to see Winston propose, but not until Aly suggests marriage first, thereby ruining the 20 step plan, and causing Winston to say “Naaaah” to the proposal.

Luckily Jess is free on the day to help Winston out.

How cute is this trench? Baby pink with sparkly buttons… amazing.

Anyway, Jess helps the southwesternly printed Winston pare down his proposal to the bare essentials, so he can propose today, before Aly gets too upset by his initial rejection.

Another day, another peter pan collar for Jessica. I’m liking the change-up with the purple and lime though. Dipping a toe outside the box, are we?

After a series of failures with the rings and haircut, Jess and Winston have a mini-falling out, and Jess goes back to her solo day being cooked for by Gordan Ramsay. As you do.

All fancied up in a teal silk baby doll dress and sparkly cardigan for her fancy dinner, Jess is convinced by Ramsay’s trademark tough love to go help Winston with his proposal, much to the relief of Winston himself.

Though his proposal had him dressed like a bobcat, and getting roundhouse kicked by Aly, it was a success, and Aly obviously said yes.

I mean, how could she say no to that?

In episode three of this marathon recap “Rumspringa”, Jess and Schmidt are setting off on their new career journeys of school principal and whatever Schmidt got promoted to at his firm…

Jess actually looks like she’s headed out to the big city for Rumspringa in that Amish looking frock. She’s got a lot of the Peter Pan collar going on this season, no?

But after she has a mini-meltdown over her principal’s blazer not fitting her properly, Nick and Schmidt decide to take her to Solvang, to engage with historical re-enactors, and drink Danish alcohol. Seems legit.

Jess has a conservative hippie look going on here, and I’m not really sure what to say, so I’m just going to blow right by it. (Your school’s grooviest librarian? Eh, forget it.) Needless to say, after locking themselves in a booze cellar, the trio realizes that they can’t run away from their problems and manages to get back to L.A. just in time to make their “first day” at work.


On the other wide of the stick, Winston has to get a divorce from Rhonda to marry Aly (did anyone else forget that Winnie was married? I sure did…).

Is there one store when Winston gets his Aztec patterned tops? They’re amazing.

And there’s another to meet up with Rhonda, who decides to prank him with a baby. Obvs.

After that shock to the system, Rhonda agrees to give Winston his divorce if he and Aly help her with a prank against her cousin.

Aly seemed to get into pranking after her double reverse prank on Rhonda (confused yet?), that is, until she finds out that Rhonda has actually adopted her in addition to divorcing Winston.

Showing some muscle, Winnie! Love the pattern on this tee. Love Aly working the eye-roll,