In the first episode this week, Cece is freaking out about only having one client left after all the other ones have been poached by bigger agencies. Jess and a reluctant Reagan offer to help round up new clients at the bar.

Not really looking like much of a model recruiter, Jess wears her frumpiest outfit to pick up mostly non-models to take to Cece’s agency. At least Jess and Reagan are both wearing black to jointly creep the hell out of a lot of bar patrons.

Alls well that ends well though: the Jess-Reagan double bill manages to get one good model for Cece, and Jess perks up her style with a nice fuchsia cardi. That’s my girl.

While the girls are out picking up future models, the guys are trying to find something that they can do together on a monthly basis so they don’t lose touch with each other once Schmidt moves out. Do you think Winston has stock in Aztec print t-shirts? He has quite the supply, and I am interested in where they all come from.

Unfortunately, the guys let Schmidt decide on the ritual and he takes them to a spa, where they not only get massages, but Brazilian waxes. Yikes.

Unsurprisingly, the guys are unable to move post-wax, and compared their experience to being in a war. I’m glad Winston can rock some color while nursing his nether regions.


In the second episode of our recap, Jess and Robby are headed on a hike. I like how the laces in Jess’ hiking boots match her shirt and Robby’s shirt. Coordination!

And they match again in adorable puffer vests and flannel shirts. Turns out they have matching DNA also, as during a bout of respite from the rain in a nearby cave, the pair discover that they’re actually third cousins. Yuck.

And Winston is planning a welcome home party for Allie in a shirt that I’m pretty sure my husband owns…

Turns out, Winston didn’t realize how big Allie’s family actually is, and they all stomp through Schmidt and Cece’s new home. He also didn’t know how crazy Allie’s family made her, and she fights with her sister, making her worry that she was too crazy for Winston. Winston Bishop.

Turns out, Winston is just perfect for Allie, and proves how great he is by standing on the table — in his most non-threatening outfit ever — and declaring his love for her in front of her parents. I guess Winston being himself is more than enough to impress Allie’s parents. But we knew that.

You do you, Winnie.