Raisin, I mean, Reagan is back, and moving in with Nick and the gang, and Jess has found herself thrown in the middle of their relationship after a drunken girls night. Meanwhile Winston and Cece are on a mission to prove that Schmidt has terrible musical taste by creating their own electronica “song”.

Reagan arrives solo to the loft, since Nick is trying to play it “cool” but not picking her up at the airport. In probably one of the more casual outfits Jess has ever worn, she gently reminds Nick that it was probably a bad idea to leave his now live-in girlfriend stranded at the airport. Probably.

“Raisin, as I live and breathe!” – Winston, in all of his floral shirted glory.

And since Nick has told Reagan that he has to work (even though he doesn’t), Jess agrees to a girls night. This is some classic Jess clothing right here. Black and white skater dress with a red cardigan… teacher chic.

But Jess decides to dress it up a little for her night out in a cleavage and arm baring LBD. Totally perfect for a night of heavy drinking and secret divulging.

After learning that Reagan has a secret apartment, and that Nick didn’t really have to work, Jess tries to get the couple to talk to one another in yet another excellent pajama set.

After a bit of a blowout, Jess and Nick head to Reagan’s other apartment to talk it out. This is probably one of my favorite Jess outfits as of late. The turquoise color is amazing on her, and her hair looks amazing here. I’m not jealous, you are.

Whilst all of that is going down, Cece and Winston are out to prove to Schmidt that his taste in music is appalling. Shouldn’t be too difficult. I think Winston should give him a fashion lesson as well. He obviously knows what works for him, and the olive bomber rocks.

He is also working the tribal print tee after creating an electronica song that has put Schmidt into a self-conscious downward spiral, making him question his taste in everything. Don’t worry, Schmidt, your taste is your taste. No one can take that away from you.


In the next episode, the gang is celebrating the beginning of Cece’s new model management business “Cece’s Boys” (greatest business name ever), with a brunch just outside her makeshift cubicle.

Jess is donning another colorful dress/cardi combo. Where do you suppose she keeps all of these clothes? Is her closet really massive? Winston has decided to slum it in a basic grey hoodie. Oh, who am I kidding? I love a man in a hood.

So as it turns out, the bill for Robby’s hospital stay was $200,000, and Jess wants to pay for it even though there’s no way that she can, and Robby is super rich. She’s thrown on her basic black skirt and a burgundy crew sweater to inventory her entire life. HOW DOES SHE GET HER HAIR TO LOOK LIKE THAT ALWAYS?!?

And Winston, in not my favorite of his buttoned tees, is trying to help Cece keep her clients, even after a tour of his precinct has caused Donovan to consider a career change declaring that he wanted to be a cop instead of a model. Luckily an inspirational speech from Cece changed his mind back, and he turns up to his photo shoot saving everyone’s butt.

Until next time, my lovelies.