I can’t believe they didn’t call this one “How to Lose a Guy in 100 Episodes.” Congratulations to The Mindy Project for hitting 100 episodes! Mindy celebrates this milestone by running into three ex-boyfriends and being embarrassed that Nurse Ben is a nurse. To compensate for her shame, she jumps at the chance for Ben to be the Today Show’s new TV nurse. Ben is less than thrilled about his newfound viral fame, and after he catches a drunken Mindy kissing ex-bf Jamie, he realizes that maybe he deserves better.

The New York subway is a less than ideal spot to run into an ex. It’s crowded, there’s nowhere to go when the conversation inevitably dies, and at some point there’s going to be a weird smell. Lucky for Mindy, she overcomes the awkwardness of re-meet by wearing yet another fabulous piece of outerwear. Unfortunately for Mindy, she hedges about what Ben does and says they work at the hospital together.

For the longest time, I’ve wondered why Mindy Kahling set the show in New York rather than LA. I realize now that it was so she’d have an excuse to wear an ongoing rotation of super cute coats.

Underneath the peacoat is fairly subdued Mindywear, all things considered: the autumnal oranges and browns of her shirt are almost subtle compared to what we normally see in her patterns.

The craziest part of the outfit is actually the black dress, because when do we ever see Mindy in a black dress? There’s not a single bit of pink in this outfit, which makes me think that maybe Mindy’s terrible behavior this episode can be blamed on an evil twin.

At Jamie’s fancy book party, Mindy goes with another gold party dress. Honestly, the whole scene felt kind of like the last time we saw her in a gold party dress—Jeremy’s party for Leland Breakfast. TMP loves to write obnoxious, pompous intellectual dudes.

This might be the moment Mindy realized that while her outfit was very cute, it was about 30 years too old for her. As separates, I love it. But as a matched set it feels a little Society Lady-ish.

Love, love, love this dress. I don’t care that we’ve seen more flattering cuts on her, it’s just so much fun.

The pleated hem playing off the block pattern makes me so happy. I also like that she’s wearing something so geometric when she describes herself as being perfect for a “what to wear for your shape” segment on the Today Show because she has “all the shapes.”

What’s the best way to convince your boyfriend to become a TV nurse?

Wear super cute lotus pajamas, obviously. I hope that the show creates a Cher Horowitz-style closet app of Mindy’s coats, handbags, earrings, and pajamas. As fans, we deserve it.

That moment when your boyfriend is killing it on the Today Show and you’re stagemoming like crazy off-camera.

When have we seen Mindy in this much black in one episode?? I’m telling you guys, this is her evil twin. The real Mindy is locked up somewhere. That’s the only explanation for why Mindy manages to tank her relationship with Ben (and why she kisses Jamie, who’s so gross and smarmy).

Eat your heart out, Selena Gomez. Mindy can sell Coke better than you. Case in point: wearing a Coke label-red blouse to pose with a glass bottle of Coke. Mindy and Ben are out celebrating Ben’s newfound meme-dom, with varying degrees of excitement (hint: she’s psyched, he’s not).

Mindy’s bold red is a fun, romantic change from her usual pink. But there’s the black accents again! Evil Twin. Very stylish Evil Twin. Of course, this theory is totally torpedoed by the fact that she recognizes Casey, yet another slimy ex. This time, she introduces Ben as being a TV personality.

Mindy wears her version of an ugly Christmas sweater to the second Today Show taping, which Ben flakes on.

It’s not *not* a cute sweater. It just has a lot going on. Like, if she were walking toward me wearing this, I might get a migraine just from how busy it is. Honestly, I’m not sure how the Today Show guy saw Mindy wearing this and trusted her judgment. Morgan’s failure on the Today show could have been predicted if Today Show guy had really thought about this sweater.

Mindy goes to Morgan and Colette’s apartment to celebrate Morgan’s newfound fame as “Nurse Moron.” She goes low-key for the house party with this preppy sweater dress.

Speaking of Mindy’s bad judgment: she ends up kissing smarmy Jamie after he does a few shots with her and hits on her in Latin. If this episode did anything, it was remind us all that Mindy has terrible taste in men.

Ben’s the first guy who hasn’t been weirdly creepy and patronizing toward her, so it’s absolutely heartbreaking when he sees her kissing Jamie. Ben and Mindy fight on the street, and Ben points out that Mindy’s been lying about his job to people because she thinks she’s too good for him, but maybe he’s too good for her. Ben leaves a sad, confused Mindy standing alone on the street. Next week’s episode had better feature Mindy holding a boom box up outside Ben’s house, or I’m going to be bummed.