In this episode we find Jess and Robby struggling to make any kind of commitment to one another, while Cece and Winston are trying to help in whatever way that they can. Meanwhile Nick is trying to educate Schmidt in the ways of the working man.

While trying not to define their relationship, Jess wears one of her many gingham button-downs and a wispy bow headband.

I swear if she ever went to any other bar, she would be carded every time.

And in an effort to make things as awkward as possible, the rest of the gang tries to push things along.

Loving the olive cardi, Winnie.

The gang heads over to the Schmidt residence-in-slow-progress, and Cece and Winston encourage Jess to find herself someone to date since she won’t commit fully to Robby.

Where better to find an eligible man than a construction site? My thoughts exactly, Winston.

So in true Jess style, she walks up and starts trolling for a date during lunch break in a folksy black dress.

Once caught on a nail, only one man helps her: the dreamy and non-English speaking Starvos.

Unfortunately, Starvos and Jess have zero chemistry, and when they find themselves on a double date with Robby and Babs, things take an unsurprisingly disastrous turn.

Oh Jess, you have no moves… which may actually be your only move. At least you look adorable while being impossibly awkward.

They end up at a club, somehow, and while contemplating their boring, stable, love lives, Cece and Winston vow to stay out of Jess and Robby’s relationship… then immediately pounce when Jess sends a text for help.

Winston is rocking the sweaters this week. It must be the look of love.

In the winter finale, the group deceides that instead of a full blown Christmas extravaganza, they’ll keep things simple this year and stick to a Secret Santa and a mellow Christmas.

Jess wakes up on Christmas Eve eve in her most christmassy of nightgowns, all psyched for the Secret Santa, until she sees that Nick has already bought himself the gift that she bought for him. Ugh, Nick!

So she sets off on a plan to get Reagan to come for a visit as Nick’s Secret Santa gift. Aww!

Meanwhile, Winston is awaiting the arrival of his gift for Cece, but since it hasn’t arrived yet, he decides to head to an actual store.

Another day, another cardigan. And Winston gets Cece the perfect gift: a bean bag chair. Love it.

While Winnie and Schmidt are out shopping, Jess heads to the bar to help Nick out, and he manages to accuse her of having a problem with Reagan.

Jess gets understandably upset and storms out of Nick’s office in a simple little red dress.

Unfortunately, when it comes time to give presents, Jess forgot to put her own name into the mix and gets nothing for Christmas.

But in true New Girl fashion, the gang rallies to arrange a magical Christmas Eve eve celebration in the street, complete with adorable snowman pajamas.

Happy holidays, all!