Last week on New Girl , the crew celebrated Thanksgiving!


Jess brought out her best attitude, her turkey pajamas, and got to work!

Everyone was there: Cece, Schmidt, Jess, Nick, Winston, Schmidt’s dad… and Robbie. Because of his broken leg Robbie wasn’t allowed to get on the plane to go see his parents, and ended up crashing Jess’s Thanksgiving. Jess spent the whole day figuring out how to break up with Robbie, until she finally decided to give him another chance.

Have you ever seen such a stylish duo? While Nick and Schmidt spent the whole day trying to get Gavin’s ex-girlfriend to come to Thanksgiving dinner, Jess and Winston spent it in style, babysitting Robbie in some killer outfits.

newgirl0607jessandwinstonWinston will always be the button-down king and Jess the floral dress queen.

And here’s the whole happy crew!

newgirl0608thecrewWhat a handsome group!


This week on New Girl, Jess fought hard to obtain the Principal position at school, employing the help of Winston’s undercover character, James Wonder.

newgirl0608jess2Acting like a perfect landscape artist parent, Winston came to school looking fresh and amazingly professional and nerdy to help Jess’s case. Meanwhile, Jess wore something that was so classic Jess that even I’m impressed!

And to continue from last week, Winston kept the fall theme going and pulled out this amazing button-down.


He sure knows how to dress for the occasion!

And finally, after Nick got a tattoo of the team on the back of his leg as a wedding present for Schmidt and Cece, Jess received the support of parents to become Principal, all while slaying in this wonderfully-fitted dress.


Happy holidays, YKYLFers! We’ll be back in spring to cover all the Jess Day whimsical floral prints we’re sure to get.