In the first episode of this recap, the gang is headed over to Schmidt and Cece’s new house to help strip wallpaper, but I’m not sure how much of that they actually get done. Cece and Schmidt are debating design choices and Schmidt’s actually learning how to compromise… a little. Jess is trying to help Nick get the votes to move Reagan into the loft, and Winston swears that Schmidt and Cece’s new house “Jaipur Aviv” is the location of one of his favorite adult movies. Add that to the list of reasons to wear a hazmat suit whilst renovating.


Luckily, there’s no need for that and everyone gets to wear pretty much whatever they want.


Jess spends the entire episode in overalls and a black tee. Do you think she’s building up an epic dungaree closet to accompany the pajama wardrobe? And, Winnie; coral is your color, baby.

P.S. Still digging the soup strainer.

In “Ready”, Jess has decided that she’s ready to head back to the dating scene. Cece’s promoted to manager at the bar and hires a beautiful new man. Nick spends the episode trying to figure out how to find another man attractive, while Winston is garnering the attention of all the ladies due to his newfound relationship confidence. And Schmidtty is losing his confidence after gaining a few pounds post-wedding.


Jess in pajamas! Winston in a flamingo shirt! Nothing bad to say about this, but how does Jess wake up with hair like that?


Jess also seems to have a lot of cute purple workout gear. She takes Schmidt to the gym where she often works out with Robbie, potential-future-boyfriend.


After finally agreeing to a date with Robbie, in which she wears the most teacher-y dress I’ve ever seen (left), with the most librarian-esque hair, she chickens out of an end of the date kiss. The next morning, she eats her cake leftovers, my normal breakfast, wearing a gingham shirt that I totally own; we’re like twinsies!! After an extraordinarily awful kiss with Robbie, mid-bench press, Jess vows to nurse him back to health before breaking his little heart… since she’s already broken everything else…


Winston is basking in his relationship confidence glow in a multitude of glorious patterned tops. I’m not sure which is my fave, but I am wondering where he obtained the rainstick (middle). Does he carry it around with him? It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility, so I’ll say that he does.

Winston, don’t ever change.