Guys — it’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for: Danny is getting married and is (almost) (kind of) (maybe) finally out of the picture. And what would you do if your ex-fiancé, the father of your child who cheated on his new fiancée with you in an elevator, was getting married? Obviously drive three and a half hours to your childhood home in Massachusetts. Obviously.

The episode begins with Jeremy and the rest of the clinic discussing Danny’s wedding. Which, can I just say, is so weird to discuss at an office meeting.

Mindy doesn’t care. She’s moved on (not really) with Ben, the nurse, and is looking amazing in a pretty typical Mindy outfit: a red dress over a floral blouse.


I like this outfit — while you can’t really compare to the last two episodes (which showcased probably the best outfits of the entire season), she looks profesh and classy.

Side note: do you think the costume department makes everyone else wear pale colored medical scrubs so Mindy can stand out? Or is that just the color of all medical scrubs?


One thing’s for sure: we know all her outfits revolve around the color of her Chanel bags. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Since Leo is going to be the ring bearer at Danny’s wedding (doesn’t Leo seem a little too young to be doing that?), Ben and Mindy spend time teaching him what to do.


I’m having a love/hate relationship with this sweater.


Like I think it’s cute — and then I see the hem — and then I see her plaid pants:


I dunno. Jury’s out for me.

What I am sure of is Mindy’s PJs, which are TDF.


As someone who frequently wears old middle school T-shirts and sweatpants to bed, I’m pretty inspired by her sleepwear more than anything.

Like, SO CUTE:


Mindy starts hearing Danny’s voice in her apartment (spoiler alert: it’s herself), and decides to get out of the apartment and drive (anyone else wonder why she keeps taking the commuter train to NJ if she has a car?!?!).

After singing an amazing Les Miserables medley to herself, she ends up driving to her childhood home in Concord, Massachusetts. Which is great for us, because not only do we get to see her mom, but also, her mom in amazing robes:



After a little harmless snooping, Mindy and Rishi discover that Sonu, who is an inspiring actress, is having dinner with someone at a restaurant and lied about it. As it turns out, the guy she was having dinner with was scamming her anyway, yada, yada, yada, yawn. Let’s get back to the clothes.


I love this floral dress and bold, gold earrings. What a great first faux-date-that-your-kids-crashed dress.

Mindy feels bad because Sonu was just trying to go after her dreams — not spend her life wearing beautiful robes all day.


I mean, that life sounds pretty nice too.

She encourages her mom to write her own plays. And while Sonu begins reciting her journal to Rishi and Mindy, Mindy gets this call:



Let me be the first to say that, sure, I loved Danny and Mindy (you’re all liars if you didn’t hose yourself down after they shared that steamy kiss on the plane). Sure, he’s the mother of his child or whatever. And sure, anyone who dances like that can’t be that bad… right? Well, in the immortal words of great philosopher Beyonce: “To the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left. Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable.” Buh bye, Danny. You must not know about Mindy.