Mindy meets and catches the eye of Leland Breakfast, theater bad boy and former classmate of Jeremy’s. After she texts through his one-man performance of “The Miracle Worker,” Leland gives her his number ,but she declines a date because she has a boyfriend. But after a run-in with a hospital worker who also thinks Ben is her boyfriend, Mindy agrees to be Leland’s date to the desperately sad party Jeremy throws. She also disinvites Ben, furious that he’s been seeing other people. I know — can you believe someone with ears that adorable can be such a cad? Ben crashes the party and admits to Mindy he didn’t think she was serious about him because she was out of his league. Mindy’s shocked, and the two reconcile just in time for Jeremy to play “Easy Like a Sunday Morning” on the piano.

I love that Mindy has the wardrobe of Blair Waldorf on acid and the personality of Kim Kardashian with an MD. Case in point: her Jackie O pillbox hat, jacquard dress, and grand dame fur coat.


Of course, Jeremy’s pulling his weight with his dramatic tiered cape. Honestly, if this were in pink, I’d expect to see it in Mindy’s closet.

Leland Breakfast described her as being “dressed as a birthday cupcake,” which is accurate, but not the insult he means it to be.


Look at Mindy working that sassy pose and giant bow. It’s no surprise that Leland Breakfast gave this birthday cupcake his number.


I’m not as sold on the outfit she wears the following day at work when she and Jeremy recap their evening. The color and shape just isn’t working for me.


She tops this sunny yellow with a red coat, a red chain strap bag, and a dubious look to Ben’s book of poems. Fun fact: this was the same look I gave her outfit when I saw it in the last scene.


Thank goodness for New York subways, giving us a proper view of Mindy’s skirt with its large floral motif. This helps redeem the outfit a little, but it’s definitely not my favorite thing she’s worn in recent episodes.


After Mindy finds out that Ben has a girlfriend, she handles it in the grand tradition of romcom heroines: by lying on the floor of her office and eating sour candy. Of course, being Mindy, she does this in a full silk dress complete with pussy bow and graphic floral print.


Even when she’s in black, mourning her relationship, she can’t help but be a little whimsical. It’s Mindy, after all.


Mindy’s party dress is a much more flattering yellow: a buttery accent on a metallic background, paired with some fab metallic heels.



Mindy’s rocking the headband like a true Blair Waldorf protégé as she makes up with America’s Boyfriend Ben. I’m a little bummed the open neckline didn’t get a statement necklace, but with the large drops, that might have been a bit too Vanessa Abrams for our Upper East Side gal.


The episode ended with a rare treat — no, not Jeremy’s singing. Tamra in regular clothes!


The geometric print crop top/skirt combo was fab and just makes me wish we could get a web series of Tamra’s off-hours adventures. Or maybe a Tamra street style blog … that’s not asking too much, is it?