The nurse’s strike is still happening, but that doesn’t stop Mindy from using Ben to fish multiple foreign objects out of Leo’s nose and ears. As often happens with Mindy and handsome male guest stars, this results in a kiss, then the growing realization that they might like each other.

Mindy is feeling herself in this patterned oxford and blue ensemble, and with good reason.


The color is gorgeous, the fit is flattering, and it’s mixing at least three different fabrics and patterns. Plus, the bad weave from last season is gone. Mindy has every reason to walk sassily and let Nurse Ben check out the goods.

In rapid succession, we get some quick shots of what Mindy wears around the house when she has Leo-related crises. This should have been our first clue that Mindy was going to end up making out with Ben – she’s dressed about as casually as Cher was for her movie date with Christian.


Sure Mindy. I definitely believe you were just casually hanging out at home in a scoopneck pink top and super cute floral skirt – and, more importantly, a bra. You definitely are just using Ben for his pediatric skills and not for his Jim Halpertesque charm.

Again: I’m sorry, but who are you, Joan from Mad Men? Actually, yeah, this dress is straight Joan Holloway and I’m so on board.


I’m sad that this is the only shot we got of these two outfits, because I love Mindy in these large print florals and richer colors. Mindy’s wardrobe game has always been on point, but man, it’s really been 100% since the Hulu move.

Fall TV means coat porn, and this episode doesn’t disappoint. Check (get it) out this super fun gingham pattern.


I think I’ve gone on record as saying I prefer Mindy in coral to most pinks, and this is no exception. As great as all her pink outfits are in this episode, I think this color is just the most amazing on her, especially when paired with turquoise earrings for some contrast.

Sidenote: I kind of love that the costuming put Mindy in a gingham pattern for this scene, because it visually brings the doctors together. Case in point:


Beverly’s cringing because she and I had the same initial concern — did the shared gingham mean there was potential to revisit the Mindy/Jody love story? But then I realized, later on they both wear yellow when they’re bridging the gaps between doctors and nurses, because the doctors are visually tied together the same way the nurses are tied together in scrubs.

Back to Mindy looking fab: we have our least fab outfit of the episode.


Is this a sweater with leggings? A very short dress with tights? I don’t know what’s happening, and the pattern gave me a migraine when she moved because of the alternating rows of half-circles. Couldn’t we have gotten one of her Joan outfits for her first kiss with Ben (who is looking super fine in his denim on denim and meticulously maintained scruff)?

Okay, where’s the worst place to run into your secret crush: at the hot dog cart you ran into while chasing Pokemon, or at a pizza truck while ordering a pizza smoothie?


If you have to get caught ordering three slices of pepperoni mixed in a blender, do it while wearing a gorgeous tweed coat.


I’m never a huge fan of Mindy in the Elle Woods pinks, but the sweater looks cozy and I wish we’d gotten to see more of the skirt.  I feel like every episode of Mindy Project should be accompanied by a head-to-toe pan of the outfit, like they have for celebrities at the Oscars.

To sign the new nurse contract, Mindy wears some professional pinstripe with a glam belt for some sparkle.


When Mindy walked into the boardroom, I expected her to be a little more Cookie Lyon than Hamilton, but it was a pleasant surprise to see her do the right thing and let Ben know the nurses could hold out for more. Mindy does the right thing sometimes, especially when doing the right thing involves doing the hot male nurse.

Mindy rocks a million patterns with a bold yellow to celebrate the return of the nurses.


And, because it’s just so much yellow, here’s Jody in his outfit for Colette’s birthday party.


Yellow roses symbolize friendship, and we’ve got two doctors rocking yellow when they reach out to their nurses. I’m not sure why Colette wore a Marty McFly vest to a cowperson bar, but she’s happy and no one’s mistaking her for a Hemsworth brother anymore, so that’s a plus.

Mindy makes her way home after all is right with the nurses and finds Ben at her stoop. For this kiss, we don’t have a hint of her usual pink. A very low-key look, which is surprising given how ridiculously pulled together she was during all Ben’s Leo visits.


Also, I am pretty sure that the apartment she just bought is going to be used mainly as a purse storage space, because we have yet another chain strap bag. Leo can sleep in the kitchen or something; Mindy’s coat and purse collection deserves a Kim Kardashian-level display closet.

We end the episode with Ben admitting he’s into Mindy too. Now that the nurse’s strike is over, will they find their happily ever after? Or will our newly independent Mindy realize she doesn’t need Ben and his adorably large ears?