In the two next episodes, we see two contrasting worlds. In the third episode of the season, the gang goes camping, and in the fourth they go to NYC. Cece and Schmidt are as cute as ever, Aly and Winston reunite after doing long distance, Jess is proud of being single, and Nick is (for once) having a lot of luck with his book.

Camping for this group is just an excuse to wear cute leather boots and show off their good-looking boyfriends. Aly and Winston finally get to spend some time together, and end up spending all weekend having sex.


This means we see a lot of topless Winston, but it didn’t stop him from pulling out a great patterned shirt and some matching vans. We also got to see Jess and Schmidt wearing matching country outfits, so I got very excited.

Meanwhile, Jess takes pride in being single and brings her “singles group” camping, and looks doll-like as always and adorable next to Robbie.


If only Jess was ready for a relationship! They look like the type of couple that would go to brunch and read each other bedtime stories.

Jess continued with the perfect country look and pulled out some overalls for their last day out. Cece, on the other hand, took a city approach to camping with her booties and perfect hair.


What stylish best friends!

I’m very ready for Jess to move to the country, buy cows, and start singing the Sound of Music. Only if she wears headbands every day, though.


In the next episode, the gang goes to New York for Schmidt to receive an award, which turns out is a high school reunion where Schmidt gets bashed, Winston and Nick do subway performances to get to Long Island, and Jess almost wrecks Schmidt’s mom’s car.

I can sense a red and blue theme coming for Jess this season! The matching leather purse and shoes are perfect for her travels to New York.


Winston recycled an outfit from last episode, adding an amazing suede jacket, Schmidt is sharp as always, a leather theme continues for Cece, and Nick’s lumberjacks outfits are back! Lucky thing they were there to add some color to poor drab Brooklyn 99‘s fashion. (You guys, it’s a great show but they wear a lot of navy blue over there.)

We’ll be back in two weeks to see if Nick made any progress on his novel or if Jess has found a new way to incorporate polka dots into her wardrobe.