So here we are, another rom-com cliffhanger of a surprisingly solid season of The Mindy Project. Surprisingly solid not because I don’t love this show, but because with the move to Hulu and Chris Messina’s unavailability, none of us really knew what would become of this little absurd, stylish show. But it turns out the freedom of streaming let the show’s freak flag fly and Messina’s mostly-absence freed up the other supporting cast to shine. After all, romantic comedies work best as 90-minute films. To stretch it over 4+ seasons requires more than one will they/won’t they, and even if he’d stuck around the show may have worn out its welcome. Without him (or, with very little of him), it’s been legit fascinating to see how Mindy Kaling & co basically have disassembled all of our expectations. Plus, Salvador Perez’s costumes have NEVER been more stunning with a series highlight of Dr. L’s yellow dress.

Important note: Leo’s baby style continues to be on point, even if he was clearly dressed by Danny here because Mindy would have thrown on at least one pattern. The baby hoodie is perhaps a little basic, but the mint green ties him visually with his never-not-colorful Mom.

So things kick off with Danny preparing to spill the beans to his ex about his oddly rushed engagement and even more weirdly rushed wedding like who does he think he is, #Swiddleston with this sprint of a relationship pace? But one look at Mindy’s sweet pigtails and… embellished… tunic? And he’s unable to let her know his big news.

So what does he do? Sneaks the wedding invitation into her mailbox like: bruh, for reals? Dr. Phil and I both agree if you’re too scared to let someone know you’re getting married, maybe it’s time to delay the nuptials.

Still unware of this impending plot twist AND yet again oddly free of having to care for her son, Mindy wraps herself in these diagonal stripes for an impromptu office dance party with her gal pals. I know what you’re thinking: didn’t this show cut her gal pals halfway through season one?

Surprise! Her new squad consists of lawyer/former cocaine addict Whitney and spray tanned sexually experimental neighbor Chelsea. After a series of sexual tension-filled guy friends, it’s nice to see her with a girl gang of her own. And if it means more Cristin Milioti and Eliza Coupe on my TV all the better.

Now, while Mindy’s clearly and inarguably the style star of this extravaganza, I gotta give snaps to Tamra for continuing to push the limits of nurse attire. Grey’s Anatomy wishes they had scrubs this crazy sexy cool.

But even these fashion forward scrubs fade into the background next to Mindy in jacquard emerald. Girl is primed and ready for a fancy dinner date and/or trip to the opera, which is part for the course for her at her OB/GYN practice because this is as close as she gets to business cazh.

Oh, and why is she flipping out? Because the room she’d been using to store her wardrobe in the medical office had a bit of an incident due to its fire hazard-adjacent status. Put a pin in that plot development for a bit.

Anyway, Mindy and Danny are summoned to Leo’s school due to the behavioral issues one might expect of a kid who shares 50% of each of these peoples’ DNA. Now, Mindy’s coat here is bespoke Salvador Perez which is SUCH a shame but also part of this show’s diabolical plot to make us all desperate to buy every piece featured only to learn they’re all one of a kind. Not only is the construction tailored within an inch of her life but peep the ruffles on the cuffs. This is the perfect look for impressing the Headmaster of your toddler son’s Quaker school (?) / subtly making oneself appear like the President of the PTA.

And you know she’s representing Chanel with one of her vast collection in her power color of bright pink. Mindy Kaling is giving notice to Taylor Swift as to who is the true Queen of carrying bags in a ladylike manner over the elbow, oh so subtly tilting it to the viewing audience to make sure we all catch a glimpse of the logo on the clasp. ???? ???? ????

But real talk: we’re all here to talk about what’s inside the coat which is THE CUTEST OUTFIT SHE HAS EVER WORN ON THIS SHOW YES I SAID IT. And yet again, it’s a Salvador Perez original, giving us straight-up Catherine Deneuve Umbrellas of Cherbourg realness here from the BOW to the COLLAR to the kicky pleats on the skirt and I need one of these dresses in every color of the rainbow, please, Mr. Perez. xoxo

Oh, right, and the plot. So, MinDanny get trapped in an elevator like the sitcom characters they are, which leads to sharing stories about their post-split love lives (minus Danny copping to the whole engagement scenario) which leads to kissing which leads to shenanigans which leads to carpeted elevator floor afterglow. Love how this calls back to Mindy’s habit of laying on the floor while also looking like a postmodern Pietà.

At this point, I don’t even know who to ship her with, if anyone. Danny’s been off the show for ages AND he doesn’t support her career goals AND he tried to sneakily knock her up again BUT these two still have sexual tension you can feel through the screen so I’m still into it a bit? I guess? While I try to sort out my thoughts let’s pause to appreciate the delicate pearl accent on this collar (which perfectly sets off her pearl earrings).

Through the miracles of television, Mindy emerges from her time in the elevator without a wrinkle on her dress and with the pussy bow perfectly re-tied for her stride of pride back home with her ex. Seroiusly. This dress. She’s a grown ass sexy Madeline and WHY CAN’T I BUY THIS EXACT DRESS SALVADOR PEREZ START A FASHION LINE I BEG OF YOU

Soooo remember about the whole closet in the office thing? Jody decides to make amends for the whole chlamydia fiasco by redoing her closet in her apartment, which turns into buying the upstairs apartment from hers (for sitcom-related reasons) which makes her, and us, go, “Ummmm… okay?”

OK, it’s absolutely sweet. He bought the upstairs apartment from hers FOR her which is one part Pacey Bought Joey A Wall and one part #Swiddleston Way Too Fast Relationship Progression. Still, this fantasy sequence of the closet the upstairs apartment could one day include is everything I ever wanted. I mean, this is approaching Sutton’s Magic Closet levels of perfection (you just know her swimsuits are on hangers) AND includes display shelving for her collection of Chanel carryalls!

Girl, believe me, we’re all right there with you. #Goals

So then Jody basically admits he lurrrves her which: still on the fence. Though he is better dressed this week than Danny’s status quo plaid BUT do we want her with Jody, really? He treats her well and respects her ambition and career plans and is sweet to Leo but something still feels kinda ooky here.

Oh, right, perhaps the ooky feeling is coming from the knowledge that even after spending an afternoon trapped in an elevator and hooking up with her, Danny still hasn’t told Mindy that he’s engaged. The wedding invitation is still waiting, another rom-com plot twist set to unfurl when season five comes along.