There’s nothing I love more than a predictable sitcom plotline. Except chocolate cake. Sample sales. And about a million other things. Sure, we all saw the Jody and Mindy kiss coming — yawn — but here are things I did not see coming: (1) Jody’s chlamydia (he’s an OB/GYN for god’s sake), (2) Danny coming back (didn’t we end this chapter, already?), and (3) Danny getting engaged (it just doesn’t even make sense…).

While Jody rushes off to break up with Courtney, Mindy is suddenly and inexplicably into Jody. Because, well, Tamra’s right: Mindy has a type and it’s “coworkers who are annoyed at her all the time.”

I’m sure I’ll be in disagreement with most people on this: but I LOVE this shoe dress.

That neckline and Chanel belt are superb.

Sure, it’s a bold print. But if the dress fits… (see what I did there). I’m all about it.

Morgan spills to Mindy about Jody’s feelings for her. To which, Mindy’s all: “What? Where? What? Sex.”

Mindy doesn’t waste any time… or valuable “Mindy Jacket Time” in this adorable tan trench. Note: it’s amazing how the New York City weather in this show is always perfect for a medium-light jacket. Like ALWAYS.

Meanwhile, after Danny (a couple episodes ago) threatened Jody about dating Mindy, Morgan and Jeremy decide to visit his practice (aptly named “Freedom Tower Women’s Health”) to demand he let go of Mindy. Which, to be honest, doesn’t really make sense because Danny isn’t and has never REALLY been a threat. Shrug. #SitcomPlotlines

But, of course, he had to come back eventually. And this time with a fiancée.

The quirky, adorable, slightly crazy Sarah (played by Greta Gerwig) joins the picture as Danny’s (very) (quickly) engaged girlfriend.


She asks Morgan for help in secretly meeting Mindy, and does — meeting Mindy at her best. Trying on clothes:

Sarah is totally right. This outfit is “both sexy and classy.”

I love this outfit! The bright colors, the jacquard/lace/floral print, and the colorblock waistline. This outfit is a perfect match to Sarah’s fangirl-ing.

Despite Jody’s 7-10 days of Chlamydia treatment, Mindy pushes him to go out with her. And yeah, she nails the first date outfit:

Adding on a classic Mindy print coat:

And though Jody tries to stop her (not very convincingly), he still goes upstairs. Let me repeat that again: HE STILL GOES UPSTAIRS.


I wonder if the set designers match the sets around her outfits. Because everything in this frame seriously works like a Jonathan Adler catalog.

Jody attempts to find a condom (what kind of OB/GYN doesn’t have a ton of condoms lying around?), and even almost resorts to using a banana in a Ziploc bag (???) — fortunately, Mindy gets a warning text from Morgan.

And she’s PISSED.

You do not mess with a girl in a robe this fierce. #IAintSorry

So, let’s predict: Mindy will forgive Jody, the wedding will be a disaster, and Leo probably won’t be in the next episode. Anyone wanna take bets?