So our main gal, not quite busy enough being a practicing doctor with two side hustles, decides to enter the realm of  Kris Jenner and Dina Lohan by momaging Leo his way into an acting gig. Meanwhile the battle between the Kimball-Kinney siblings heats up when their older brother (whose wife Jody boned awhile back) rolls into town, leaving all of the nurses to change assignments. Also some stuff with Mindy/Jody but I’m still pretending that never happened, so…

In the now classic Mindy Project manner of random plot developments, everyone’s acting like Mindy’s been receiving magazines with casting calls at the office since time immemorial. And after 0.5 seconds of browsing, she spots an ad for a biracial baby actor needed for her all time favorite soap of all time. What. Are. The. Chances. Enjoy this pink patterned shift, it’s the last quasi-sane thing she’s going to wear for the rest of the episode.

Although momaging is Kris Jenner’s scene, Mindy’s channeling some Kourtney K boho vibes in this throwback top and high-waisted slacks. Have we ever seen her in trousers before? I seriously think not. She’s serving up some Mary Tyler Moore realness here and while I’m into it, it’s veering more than usual into cosplay territory rather than just paying homage to a retro lewk.

Leo has 50% Mindy’s genes so of course the casting director peeps him out of a crowd of biracial toddlers to give him the hero baby role. Jeremy leaps into action, offering up his services as poncy acting coach as Mindy continues to lean into Kourtney’s wheelhouse with this romper. Now, I will love her forever and especially when those glasses are on the scene but girl: no. N.O. No.

Jeremy’s coaching offers up tips for Leo but also lots of info for Mindy to survive the cutthroat world of stage moms. When Special Guest Star Tracia Thoms suggested Mindy put some blush on Leo’s cheeks at the audition I was wary, assuming it was poisoned or something. But turns out she was indeed being kind… until Mindy’s baby stole her son’s thunder. But we all know by now that Mindy is incapable of blending into the background, as advised by Jeremy, and exhibit A is this Chanel-adjacent blazer and skirt combo worn for Leo’s first day on set.

She has time between meddling on set (after being set up to fail by Special Guest Star Tracie Thoms) to make an appearance in the b-plotline of warring nurses, who the doctors use as personal assistants, just go with it. This calls for a top and skirt that look good from some angles, and super odd from other angles. I think it’s how it wrinkles at her midsection or maybe where the waist sits or…? The top is cute. The skirt is cute. But together, somehow, it’s making my eyes bleed a little.

Oh and over in the c-plotline, Mad Men’s Stan has been too busy dealing with job isht to focus on his relaysh with Mindy. You don’t need Us magazine’s body language expert to decode that these two are not terribly in sync right now, from the body language to the clashing patterns. Into Mindy’s dress here, which at first I thought was like an Aria Montgomery comic book print but in fact is just some stunning colorful foliage.

For me, I’d be fine giving him some time alone, because: it’s Mad Men’s Stan. You don’t throw that sort of raw handsome maleness away with the bathwater, so to speak. But Mindy needs someone who is just as obsessed with her as she is, and good for her knowing that, but I shed a little tear when she swooned over Jody showing he’s all about her and Leo. For now. Or whatever. I’ve blocked the final two minutes of episode permanently from my brain. But her black shift with embellished collar was, at least, on point.

Does anyone ship this? Literally, anyone? Bueller?