After Mindy meets that cute Princeton Coach (Mad Men’s Stan), it’s obvious he’s not just another Skater Boy, another Bartender, another Ne-Yo. He’s SAFE! (Yikes: here come the baseball sayings from the girl who never watches baseball…) The title’s right: there IS no crying in softball. But here’s what there is: cute boys delivering bearclaws, adorable double side-braids, and a shit ton of sex. Hey, put me in, Coach!


Mindy has just spent the last three days sleeping with Princeton Coach, Drew. And if I had just spent the last three days boinking, it would be a real struggle to coordinate a fashionable outfit.

And for Mindy, that struggle is REAL.

WTF IS THIS. To be fair: I love her silver snake-print pencil skirt. It’s flattering, it’s unique, and it pops — nothing wrong there.

The real problem is here:

STRIKE ONE. I don’t know if the point of this outfit is to coordinate clown on clown, but it’s working. I don’t even like these pieces separately.

Unfortunately, we’re not done here. Mindy’s first boning outfit might just be the worst offense of all. Get a load of this:

Luckily, we only see this weird studded Joker dress for a couple seconds.


Mindy cleans and pinks herself up for a staff meeting. And she looks pretty cute, but is confusingly dressed for a church picnic.

An Easter brunch. A Republican meet-up.

After finding out that they’ve lost 15% of their clients since Danny left, Mindy’s all, “Danny Who?”

No but seriously … Danny Who? Where’d he go? He wasn’t even present in that episode where we meet his hot girlfriend!

Drew wants to come to NYC to visit Mindy, but Mindy’s not ready to introduce anyone to her coworkers yet. Especially since every man she’s dated this season has only lasted one episode.

Unfortunately, Danny needs Mindy to watch Leo for the weekend. So Drew (being the impossibly sweet man he is) books himself out of the car and into a hotel room. And … well, Leo might not have been the only reason Drew left the car:


I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Is that paisley on her vest? What is it? What’s going on? Is sex making her bad at clothes???

At least her loungewear is still on point. Love this magenta paisley-ish print pajama set.

Feels very Van Trapp family/pull-the-curtains-down-and-make-cute-clothes-out-of-them.

But Mindy gets ready. Nah, she doesn’t just get ready: she hits it out of the park (I’m so sorry).

I mean, everyone else needs to just GTFO. This is AMAZING. I love the yellow color, the cut of the dress, the unknown black pattern (it’s like lace… but also vines…). This wipes out any cute dress on television today. Delete your account, Jessica Day.

Since Schulmann and Associates are participating in a doctor softball league, Mindy gets a call to come join the game because of a little mishap with Collette and Jody’s new girlfriend (sidenote: this slightly incestuous storyline was weird).

Despite her objections (and the fact that she’ll have to take this gorgeous dress off), she goes and lies to Drew about it.

Mindy loves her double side-braids, and I do too.

And I happen to love a good baseball tee. Even with the words OB/GYN across the chest.

Though she plays in the first game, she needs to leave to see Drew. But, of course, she overhears the orthopedic team talking about how the clinic is failing with Danny.

And she ain’t down with that.

She gets out of her dress and back in the game. And Drew doesn’t even seem to care that much that she lied (perfect man?!). Instead, he helps them win the softball game.

And Mindy sprains her ankle.

Consensus on Drew? Not just because I’m a huge Mad Men fan, but I am all about Drew and Mindy. Seriously … Danny Who?

Let’s play ball! (I’m so so sorry.)