The Mindy/Jody courtship that NONE OF US HAVE EVER BEEN HERE FOR continues as Jody starts dating Kerry from 8 Simple Rules and Mindy starts slinging sexual tension at Mad Men’s Stan. MAD MEN’S STAN. How is anyone meant to cheer on Mindy/Jody (#Jondy? #Min…dy?) with this tall slice of handsome hanging out with his Buzz Lightyear jawline. So basically, Later Baby goes on the road to solicit new clients from the undergrads of Princeton and Morgan comes along because he’s never not there. If you’ve been reading our Game of Thrones fashion posts, you know we like to pair a TV style queen with the lyrics of whicever pop diva is her spiritual twin and Mindy herself has told us her her warrior name is Beyoncé Pad Thai so…

A diva is the female version of a hustla

Wish my workplace had the same red carpet entrance as Shulman & Associates. Mindy always stomps her way in every morning, ensuring both the viewing audience and her colleagues can appreciate the full H-to-T. Here we find her in I *think* a dress cut to look like a top and skirt, but don’t quote me on it. A bold choice to go with white-on-white horizontal stripes on a pencil skirt but against all odds, girl is pulling this off.

Upon closer look, I am utterly confounded by the top. It’s an embellished tank, right? But embellished with… bejewelled… yarn? Why the handing bits? Why the quasi-cowl neck? How does this still look good? What is the magic that occurs when Mindy Kaling and Salvador Perez get into a wardrobe fitting together? And most importantly, what shade is that lippie because I need it on my mouth ASAP.

You know, Mindy strikes this pose on the reg and I feel like it may not be as comfortable as she’s fronting. Is it all just a ruse for us to gaze upon her 5″ stilettos? Well played.

Oh and after you slide her lipstick brand into my DMs could you also please hook me up with a pair of these frames? Never have Andrea Zuckerman’s glasses looked as elegant as whenever she slips on these frames.

Still perplexed by this top, though.

Accept me flaws and all

For a post-work, but still sort of work, home-based kiki with Morgan our gal pulls out this fun button-down. She’s got it buttoned way further down that you might expect for quality time with a dude she would NEVER, but she’s never been one to dress to the occasion and power to her for that. I think the pattern on this is wee little blue flowers but I like to think they’re amoebas which would move her into Miss Frizzle territory and who better to bring back science-themed twee than Mindy Lahiri?

You Must Have Lost Yo Mind

Nothing to see here. I presume this is ostentiously expensive cashmere but from where I’m sitting, girlfriend is wearing polar fleech with embellishment glue-gunned down the center. Next!

Driver roll up the partition please

She has got more hot pink in her closet than Kylie Jenner has high-cut swim bottoms. This plaid long-sleeve tee is hella cute and the two braids road trip hair? Never cuter. Sidenote: I wouldn’t turn down a hot tip on her lippie in this scene, too.

But who’s the ginger in the back seat? Read on…

Love Drought

So Jody’s got a new GF and she is Kerry from 8 Simple Rules, all grown up and helping fuel this week’s ginger invasion on TV (see also: the three redheaded day players on this week’s Reign). And Kerry is clearly owning her role of Interloping Other Woman, fully embodying the role of woman so constantly cold that she really is unfit to live on this planet. Her cardi and sundress are cute, but nothing to write home about. Jody’s five o’clock shadow has turned into a half-beard at this point and I’m sorta digging this lumberjack look. Not enough to ship him with Mindy because: hello. But still, looking good JK-K.

Put your freakum dress on

Mindy. Lahiri. Burning. It Down. Yasssss. ???? ???? ????

She is working her curves in this number like Blac Chyna doing an Instagram ad for a waist trainer. The perfect hourglass of single working mother entrepreneurial realness has never been so ferosh. And the matching headband and hoop earrings? ????

Oh and then she makes the acquaintance of Mad Men’s Stan, here playing the football coach and whose legit five o’clock shadow makes Jody’s look like he’s glued it on. No man is as much man as Mad Men’s Stan and I hadn’t realized how much I missed him until this very moment.

I come with a side of trouble but I know that’s why you’re staying

Morgan crashes Mindy’s hotel room because: Morgan. And Mindy reveals her finest travel pjs, rocking a Jessica Day style matching set. This lotus blossom pattern is as super cute as this show’s fashion is to my savings account.

Jody stops by for an evening convo and Mindy is not feeling it to the same extent as the entire viewing audience. At least I hope.

You rock hard/ I rock steady

But nevermind the bollocks, time for a late-night dorm caf dream date with Mad Men’s Stan! He fits right into the men on this show with his TMP-approved plaid button-down. But he’s still Stan and can do no wrong and come on, tfw your crush gives you that look?

MIndy is IN, last week’s Texan revelation be damned. Nobody faults her for going back on her decision last week not to hook up with the not-pool-boy. How often does a human woman get the chance to knock boots with MAD MEN’S STAN?? Sidenote: she is looking completely adorable in her college freshman cosplay. Cutting off the collar and rocking an exposed bra strap is soooo Flashdance and throw World’s Cutest Glasses onto TV’s Most Fashionable Lady and frankly I don’t blame Stan, either. Sometimes two people are just so perfect they owe it to the world to hit the bone zone. Mindy and Stan: I salute you.

I’m a train wreck in the morning

She’s still in the sweatshirt the morning after, when she makes a perfect pair of dirty jokes to her driving companions.

To her credit, Kerry’s into this line of discussion while Jody is all bee in a bonnet about it. Because he liiiiiikes her. Apparently. Even though nobody wants him to. I think the clear solution here is to make MMS a series regular, but I’ll leave that to the showrunners to figure out.