We know this all too well: once one part of your life is going great, everything else goes to shit. This episode proves that point: it starts with Mindy celebrating with Morgan about work. But, of course, immediately goes to shit when she discovers that Danny has a beautiful new girlfriend. Thankfully (?), she accidentally and drunkenly booked a flight to Austin to visit Peter. Sure, every time Peter and Mindy get together, it’s chaos — people fall into pools, book flights drunk, wear ugly Garfield T-shirts — but it’s also pure comedic magic. Take notes, MP writers: your fans want more Peter!!!

At the office, Mindy gets a call from Peter and she looks just as excited as I was watching this part. PETER!

She looks OK in this watercolor print blouse and jeweled necklace but we all know the truth: this outfit would just look frumpy on anyone else.

Peter calls Mindy to remind her that her flight to Austin is leaving… yeah, that flight she booked while wasted, drinking margaritas:

Before her flight, she rushes to drop off Leo at Danny’s apartment (did anyone else totally forget about Leo?).

I LOVE this outfit. Sure, I’m a sucker for matching separates, but my God: she looks INCREDIBLE.

Unfortunately, she runs into:

The new girlfriend. Yeesh. That’s like some real Rosewood hair shit.

I don’t know what’s more impressive: the fact that Mindy could make it to Austin within a couple hours or that Mindy could wear this outfit on a five-hour flight and still look incredible:

Seriously, girl. Those pink booties! STOP.

Unsurprisingly, despite the beautiful McMansion that Peter is living in, he seems incredibly unhappy in Austin. I mean, being forced to turn vegan is one thing, but no TV?! But then how would they watch The Mindy Project?!

Nothing is as it seems. Just like Mindy’s outfit.

Why’d she have to go and take off her jacket? This blouse is like if an 18th century vampire and The Little House on the Prairie had a baby.

Thankfully, it takes her less than 10 hours to get her fashion shit together. I love this red, polka-dot nightgown!

Good thing. Because THIS GUY was outside:

Things get a little weird after this though. Did I miss the part where Mindy loses her suitcase? Or doesn’t have enough time to pack?

All right, I don’t hate this oversized stripe shirt. And I think it happens to look kind of cute with jeans and Chuck Taylors:

But how can you go from patterns, prints, and Chanel… to this?

A Garfield T-shirt and Dartmouth basketball pants. Sure, she didn’t pack a swimsuit and has to wear SOMETHING, but 10 hours ago, she was wearing pink booties.


Mindy attempts and fails to seduce Diego (mistakenly calling him the “pool boy”) and then attempts to do what she does best: apologize. And how can you not forgive her when she’s wearing this?

Dear Mindy: you look adorable! The floral dress, the earrings, the hair casually pulled back. I love it:

(Note: this does make me question my theory on Mindy losing her suitcase…)

Peter finally reveals at dinner that he’s been lying all along. He quit his job because all he wanted to do was stay home with the kids (funny, that’s what Mindy didn’t want to do!). Lauren and Peter fight, and Mindy is forced to go for a walk.

Not sure why she had to walk next to a busy highway:

And she probably could’ve had time to change her heels into flats.

Lauren and Peter make up (with Mindy’s help) and Diego even propositions her (which she turns down) (because she’s crazy) (Seriously, what’s wrong with her?):

I’m not a huge fan of the denim jacket over top of the dress. But I guess… Texas? Question mark?

I loved this episode for 3 reasons: (1) Peter, (2) No Danny, (3) no Jody. Can we please get Mindy and Peter their own spinoff?