So, despite running two successful businesses, delivering babies on the reg, owning more Chanel bags than a literal Chanel store and single parenting the world’s most well-behaved/invisible baby, Mindy’s still apparently a mess, as evidenced by her sliiiightly overstepping her professional boundaries this week. Girlfriend goes to work this week, taking center stage in both the A and B plotlines, while slightly blessing the C plotline with her sartorial mastery. And? Possibly a new record for outfits-per-minute. Let’s get into it.


So, Mindy’s getting to know Special Guest Star Ne-Yo, which means lots of dates, which means… dating outfit montage!! This first lewk is hashtag-adorbsathon5000. It’s a romper disguised as a top and shorts and is tailored to perfection. Mindy Kaling’s next book needs to be How To Rock Shorts As A Grown Woman And Look Like A Bomb Ass Bitch While Doing It.

Chanel bag count: 1.

Considering Ne-Yo’s proclivity for walking miles to get to obscure locales, the shoes may be ever so slightly inappropes. Frankly, the shoes are inappropes for anything other than hopping into an Uber and then into a restaurant and back, but whatevs. This is a date outfit perfect for basically any occasion. Also? Ne-Yo is looking fiiine as hell.

We then follow the stylish/gorgeous duo as Mindy explores a Jane Sterling level embellished neckline…

… a jewel tone blue/green filigree dress…

… and my personal fav, this Indian-inspired sequinned ensemble. Can you blame Ne-Yo for making his big move when she’s dolled up like the ingenue in a Bollywood film?

Now used to her new beau’s proclivity for walking literal miles to get to obscure bookstores, Chinese resautrants, and the rest of the best of New York, she throws on sensible runners, Mindy-ing the look up with the green statement coat and possibly Chanel bag #2.

Loving her lowkey pony here, too. Mindy goes cazh isn’t a well she goes to often, but she pulls it off fantastically. Am also into this Mabel Pines style cloud sweatshirt (?). And not that it has to be said but: Ne-Yo again, fine as hell.


Mindy continues to be total #girlboss outfit goals as she continues to inhabit her various office spaces like a window display model – throwing on layers upon layers and jewels upon jewels, a walking billboard for her own closet. Cute how her tone-on-tone meshes with Jeremy’s fifty shades of mauve look. Mindy being Mindy, her tones are blue heart print and blue… candy corn print? Keeping it workplace-appropes, her skirt of course goes to the knee.

Sidenote: I need these glasses on my face like three weeks ago. She is serving up Jane Fonda Working Girl realness for days and I am practically faint with delight. Her black and white shirt is like a kaleidoscope mixed with a coloring sheet which I’m obviously into BUT it immediately gets outshone by her next geometric print.

I’m also into the way she wears her lab coat as a fashion layer, like it’s practically a white blazer on top of her variety of colorful looks. Much like above with Jeremy, this color blocked geometric print dress coordinates flawlessly with the bouquet on her mantle like – snaps for the collusion between set dressing and wardrobe this week.

This dress though. With the glasses. And the earrings. All of it. Her body is transformed into a curvaceous Picasso-adjacent hourglass and I am both hypnotized and ::DEAD::

Her foray into the world of inappropriate doctor/patient relationships isn’t a Grey’s Anatomy seduction scenario, but rather she meddles in the love life of a patient who’s decided to get knocked up by her loser fwb. For meddling, nothing beats a tweed skirt suit in her power color of bright pink. At first I was like, girl are you legit wearing a Chanel suit into this sketchy photographer’s warehouse which is like: protect the fabric, my god. But apparently this is a custom Salvador Perez so at least we know he’s given his blessing for her to wear it into this Terry Richardson hellscape. 

The pearls and headband take her right into Indian Jackie O territory, which is another area I’d love to see her explore some ore.

Also? The bad news not-boyfriend is played by this generation’s Hey It’s That Guy, best known by us as Ella’s Sweet Younger BF Turned Creeper Pedo Fiance on PLL.  When this guy shows up I’ve come to immediately anticipate bad news bears.

Anyway so for maybe the first time ever, she actually gets called on her unprofesh behavs by none other than Jody which: meh. More importantly, flat hair + gold lame flared skirt +  borderline Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band jacket has me like #PensiveEmojiFace. What I’m thinking is that this is meant to represent via fashion what Jody’s telling her via professionalism: girlfriend’s in a bit of a state.


So we got some more totes cazh Mindy lewks this week and this one is my fav. Technically, it fits into the datewear category but she wore it when the date ended so… here we both are. Basically, she tried to get Ne-Yo to step in for a Netflix and chill scenario but he’s too addicted to attending flaky hipster be-ins and they had to take a step back. But honestly, what could be cuter for a couch date than this heart tee and caramel waves with a little bend? Sidenote: how is her hair cuter at home than at the office? Look at your priorities, girl. Wait, she’s dating Ne-Yo. Correction: her priorities are in check vis-a-vis hair maintenance.

As a contrast, here’s how she dresses for a solo evening at home (assuming her invisible/mute son is either sleeping or at his Dad’s?) when she’s not expecting any company. Again, flaw free. The side braid is sweet and at this point, sort of retro for those halcyon days two years ago when everyone and their dog were werking the Elsa braid. And her makeup just happens to be perf “I woke up like this” chic AND she’s got the perfect accent earrings on. The v-neck tee is also super sweet, frankly. Her bumming around style is streets beyond, you guys.

Aaaaaaaaand then so Jody comes over and she gives him a b-day giftie and he looks handsomer than ever in this leather jacket and she invites him to stay and watch like Cars 2 or something (for real? Her kid’s nowhere to be seen and this is what she watches?) and then she falls asleep and he… gently touches her forehead?

And she wakes up with an inscrutable look on her face. Is she into it? Does she, like 100% of the viewing audience, find this pairing baffling and unnecessary?

And more importantly, where did she get this sweet throw pillow and blanket from because I also need those on my couch like, yesterday.